11 Best Toys To Keep Baby Busy in 2022

The best toy to keep baby busy is a critical tool in ensuring your child stays engaged, distracted and lets you continue working without paying too much attention to them.

Best Toys To Keep Baby Busy

Babies are cute and Mums and Dads are so proud of their babies.

However, everyday work life, working from home, and ordinary home chores mean that baby activities come in the way of normal schedules.

Therefore, the best toys to keep babies busy provide the best way to entertain babies for a long time when they are alone.

Also, friends, neighbors, seniors, and other babies might not be available to keep your baby busy and entertained as you go about your daily activities.

But which is the best toy to keep your baby busy and what should you look out for when buying the best?

Today, we present to you a well-researched review from 65 hours of work on the internet and at BestToyLine Toy Lab from our reviewers and editors to avoid the confusion of the hundreds of toy items listed on online marketplaces.

Best Toys To Keep Baby Busy – Top Picks

  1. My First Flash Cards for Toddlers – Learning toy to keep baby busy
  2. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube, Purple – Best Vtech toy to keep baby busy
  3. Wrist Rattles Foot Finder Rattle Sock Baby Toddler Toy – How to keep baby busy during diaper changes
  4. Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat Toy – best toy to keep baby busy in the car
  5. UNIH Baby Car Seat Toys for Infants with Mirror – Best toy to keep baby busy on a plane
  6. Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu – Best Musical toy to keep my baby busy
  7. Baby Rattle Sets Teether Rattles Toys – Best toy to keep newborn babies busy
  8. BeeSpring Stroller Car Seat Toy – Best toys to keep a toddler busy in stroller
  9. BUSY BABY MAT | Silicone Suction Placemat – Best busy mat toy to keep babies entertained
  10. Fu Store Baby Teething Toys for Newborn – Best teether toy to keep baby entertained
  11. Nicknack Activity Cube Baby Toys – best toy to keep 10 month old busy at home

Best Toys To Keep Baby Busy – Review

1. My First Flash Cards for Toddlers Learnworx Store

Check the Latest Price on My First Flash Cards

My First Flash Cards for Toddlers are the best cards for your child to learn a new thing. The cards include 101 double-sided designed cards with colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets that your child can learn.

This card comes 5.7 inches wide and 4.3 inches tall. It is easy to read and understand everything.

Children aged 12 months plus are comfortable with this card as they can play with it to keep being engaged for a long time.

The set of the card cons has utmost durability as it is designed superbly having great colors. The cleaning of this type of card is also very easy.

Why is it special?

A good lesson to learn

This particular card provides an opportunity for babies to learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes. As a result of that, babies easily come to be busy all the time and they do not feel anxiety.

Easy to understand

The card comes in large dimensions and is thus significantly beneficial for babies. It comes 4.3 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide. As a result, the child feels comfortable seeing the colors and illustrations clearly.

High durability

Undoubtedly, these particular cards are the thickest flash cards. The cards are completely safe from dampness. Even you the parent will feel easy and comfortable cleaning the cards.

There are no damages that come from toddlers’ small hands.


✅ Perfect for learning & playing

✅ Highly durable

✅ Clear to read

✅ Fit for 12 months to 5 years


X Very Frequent cleaning damages cards

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2.VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube, Purple

Check the Latest Price on VTech Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity cube is another toy that can keep a baby busy easily and also serves as one of the best ways on how to keep a baby busy on a plane.

It is designed with five sides that are effective for discovery and exploration. It includes 4 light-up buttons for introducing animal sounds, animals names, and shapes.

This learning toy contains 14 interactive features that work efficiently for developing fine motor skills. Also, it assists babies to sit up easily before starting to play.

When the cube starts to act for attracting attention, fun sounds will come through the motion sensor to entertain and engage your baby.

Generally, this item provides 25 melodious songs that awesomely keep the child engaged and entertained.

This toy is perfect for six months to three years. It is made of BPA-free durable plastic. The most important thing is that the toy provides auto adjustable volume and auto shut-off features.

Why is it special?

Lots of entertainment

This fun toy provides fun sounds that will attract the attention of the baby. It includes 25 playful songs. As a whole, this toy will keep the baby busy efficiently for a long time.

Excellent construction

The construction of this block toy is strong enough. It is made of BPA-free plastic that will provide the toy with good durability.

Best technology

The technology used in the toy is undoubtedly mind-blowing. It is systemized with an adjustable volume and auto shut-off that allows the baby to use the toy easily.

It includes 4 light-up buttons that work to create shapes, sounds, and names of animals.


✅ Systemized with 4 light-up buttons

✅ Made of BPA free plastic

✅ Provides 25 songs

✅ Includes auto-adjustable volume


X The technical problems arise due to misuse

3. Wrist Rattles Foot Finder Rattle Sock Baby Toddler Toy

Check the Latest Price on Wrist Rattles Toy

Wrist Rattles Foot Finder Rattle Sock Baby Toddler Toy is the perfect infant toy as a newborn baby gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or Registry gift.

This toy comes to set on the baby’s hand in such a way that the baby will not lose it or throw it. The toy is best to fit for the babies when they are in a stroller, car, baby carrier, or car seat.

The toy is made of high-quality fabric that keeps the baby safe hundred percent.

Why is it special?

Perfect for gifts

This one plays a perfect role in the baby gift. If you are invited to a birthday party, you can use this one as the best gift. Even, the toy comes as the best one for holiday, Christmas, or thanksgiving.

Awesome Design

This toy comes with an amazing design that comes with bells inside and is covered by a simple Velcro. It is very easy to put on and off.

Quality Materials

The toy comes with a construction made of quality friendly fabric which is soft and safe for the babies. It will give you the freedom to clean the dirt of the toy easily.


✅ Includes smiling cute animals & bugs

✅ Made of soft & friendly fabric

✅ Comes as the best gift item

✅ Easy to clean


X Velcro comes to loosen because of rough use

4. Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat Toy

Check the Latest Price on Taf Toys Car Seat Toy

Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat Toy is another great toy for keeping the baby busy. It provides twinkle & gentle music by baby’s gentle kick. This one is made of three hanging soft toys that come to crinkle & jingle with one tug. The toy also has a baby-safe mirror.

Your baby can reach the view of your backseat mirror with this toy. The travel toy comes with Velcro straps when you need to adjust height and angle.

With this particular toy, your baby comes to learn kicking, tugging, playing, and even motor skills. Undoubtedly, it is a great learning tool. As your suitability, you can use this toy as the best gift for all purposes.

The manufacturer of this particular toy keeps a refund policy for the customers when if they do not have satisfaction with the toy.

Why is it special?

Ideal for Fun

This infant car seat toy creates twinkle and gentle music by your single kick from your cutie pie. It is designed with a baby-safe mirror among the stars.

Once you tug three hanging soft toys used in this particular one, a crinkle or jingle sounds come to start.

Perfect for learning

Without any question, this toy plays a vital role to teach your baby about kicking, playing, and tugging. This toy provides your baby with a sense of color recognition and design. As a whole, children come to improve their senses.

100 percent risk-free

This particular toy is hundred percent safe as your child does not get any hassle during the playing. No accident comes at any moment even with baby carelessness.


✅ Provides full of fun & enjoyment

✅ Completely free from risk

✅ Provides a fruitful teaching

✅ Mind-blowing design


X Careless use brings risk

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5. Baby Car Seat Toys for Infants with Mirror

Check the Latest Price on UNIH Baby Car Seat Toy

UNIH Baby Car Seat Toys for Infants with Mirror is one of the greatest toys to keep your toy busy.

The installation of this toy comes easy and hassle-free. The installation is on car seat headrest rods, bouncers, strollers, and cribs. Through an adjustable clasp, the toy is suitable for babies of different ages.

The toy is systemized with a gear lever, rotatable steering wheel, and baby safety mirror. These multifunctional toys provide horn sounds, music playing with engine ignition sound having lots of fun.

To run this toy, you need to put 3XAA batteries into the toy.

Why is it special?

Parents relaxation

When babies go to play with this toy, the toy keeps the baby cool and satisfied. Babies get much enjoyment. As a result of that, parents will have an extreme level of relaxation and can attend to their duties without much attention.

Great features

This baby toy is equipped with a baby safety mirror, music player, steering wheel, and effective horn. These features bring enjoyment that keeps the baby satisfied.

Easy installation

The installation of this toy is very simple and easy. This toy can be easily installed on the rods of a car seat, bouncers, strollers, cribs, and guardrails.


✅ Keeps parents free from tension

✅ Easy installation

✅ Awesome features oriented

✅ 3 X AA battery enabled


X Battery is not good as the other one

6. Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu

Check the Latest Price on Ohuhu Xylophone Table

Babies enjoy great entertainment when they get in touch with Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu because it includes 10 classical and 8 nursery rhymes. Kids can play and learn both at the same time.

This toy provides the sounds of instruments like xylophone, trumpet, piano, or guitar with perfect sound effects. It is not only a music toy but an education-based powerhouse.

This electrical xylophone comes with a Whac-a-mole game with 5 levels, two playing modes, three kinds of drum-like 2/4, ¾, and 4/4.

This music toy comes as the best Christmas or birthday gift. It runs with the power of a 3 AAA battery.

Why is it special?

Easy to learn a song

With this music toy, the babies can learn 10 classical and 8 nursery rhymes. It will provide a huge benefit to the child for learning and playing at the same time.

This toy is pre-programmed previously providing perfect enjoyment. It also allows children to develop mental strength.

Perfect birthday gift

When Christmas day is coming in front of you, and you need to give a gift to your dearest and nearest one, then positively, you can take this toy. By getting this toy, babies will feel and own the moment they like to keep in their hearts.

Mind-blowing features

This Xylophone-based music toy comes with great features like Whac-a-mole game, jazz drum, three kinds of drum beat mode making it an ultimate source of great enjoyment.


✅ Perfect instrument for learning and enjoying

✅ Pre-programmed based on songs & rhymes

✅ Based on a lot of features

✅ Suitable for kids above 2years


X Kids aged two are unable to operate this one

7. Baby Rattle Sets Teether Rattles Toys

Check the Latest Price on Rattle Sets Teether

Baby rattle and teethers are nature-themed toys to boost an infant’s teething and motor skills when they are 3-12 months old.

These are made of ABS plastic that is non-toxic and eco-environmental. It is a perfect travel toy to keep your kid busy.

The colorful set easily grabs and attracts the baby’s attention. The plastic design is grasped by the baby’s fingers and when the toys are shaken, they produce an amusing sound.

The toys are multicolored and have fun features like bees, horns, elephants, etc. the handles provided are also easier for little hands to grab.

Why is it special?

Entertain and educate babies

Its colors and sounds attract babies ‘ attention and help in their teething and development of motor skills.

Safe to use

The babies can hold and play with the toys without any fear as they are made up of ABS, non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic.


Toys can be easily grasped by babies without much effort. They can be stored and played with anywhere in the house.


✅ Educational and lightweight.

✅ Non-toxic plastic material.

✅ Multiple bright and vibrant colored toys.

✅ Container to store all the toys.


X Can be cleaned at 60 degrees only.

X To be necessarily used under adult supervision.

8. BeeSpring Stroller Car Seat Toy

Check the Latest Price on BeeSpring Toy

It is a vehicle-themed toy that is made up of cloth to entertain toddlers. Its vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and hidden features encourage babies to explore the toy more.

It not only entertains but also helps to stimulate the baby’s muscles and develop their grab ability. As these toys are made of non-toxic material, they can be used without any fear of harm to your baby.

This is a hanging toy that can be hung around the bed or the car seat easily using the clasp present at the top. So, the baby can play with this while it’s hanging or play with his hands by grasping it.

Why is it special?

Increases Curiosity

Its bright colors, beautiful patterns, and hidden features make the child curious and encourage him to explore this toy more.

Calm the mind

This car seat toy entertains the child and eases the mind whilst still stimulating his senses making the baby calm. It also helps in stimulating his muscles and grab ability.

Perfect Gift

It is a thoughtful and engaging gift for any expectant mother, newborn baby or toddler.


✅ Attract and engage the baby.

✅ Easy to hang and bring down with clasp.

✅ Both entertaining and educating.

✅ Cloth- 100% safe material.


X Can get torn with too much pressure.

X Stuffing can come out with overuse.

9. BUSY BABY MAT | Silicone Suction Placemat

Check the Latest Price on BUSY BABY MAT

The Busy Baby Mat is a placemat for infants and toddlers to keep their toys in place. It sticks to any smooth, clean surface and any toy can be easily attached or tethered to them.

It has four tethers to keep toys within arms’ reach and free from germs. It can also be used as an airplane placemat to help keep the baby safe from germs.

The Mat is of 100% food-grade silicone suction and provides a safe place to put baby’s food and keeps toys and pacifiers off the icky floor.

The product is completely safe as it does not use any chemical or PVC for tethering.

Why is it special?


It conveniently wraps around a shopping cart, infant carrier handles, high chairs, windows, and bathtub.

Safe & protected

Easily tether or attach babies’ toys or pacifiers within reach while keeping them germ-free and off the ground.

Suction Cups Keep the Mat in Place:

These cups are embedded in every corner and when these are pressed, they ensure a tight suction seal on most of the surfaces.


✅ The suction is 100% safe and baby-proof.

✅ Washable and market-friendly surface.

✅ Easy to clean in the dishwasher.

✅ Easy to attach toys with 4 tethers.


X Can’t stick to some surfaces like wood.

X Can be sucked out with excessive pressure.

10. Fu Store Baby Teething Toys for Newborn

Check the Latest Price on Fu Store Baby Teethers

The Toothbrush teether gently massages babies’ little teeth and gums with soft silicone bristles. This helps in the development of good oral hygiene habits early.

The toy is made up of soft silicone and is designed for chewing and soothing your baby gums without any injuries.

The size is perfect for the baby to grip and hold. For parents. these teethers are easy to clean with hands or dishwasher.

This can be gifted to any newborn infants, toddlers, pregnant ladies as it is a unique and perfect gift for them.

Why is it special?

Safe Material

The material used is non-Toxic, FDA stands BPA free. It is 100% food-grade silicone which is a soft and flexible material and decreases the risk of mouth injury.

Boosts developments

These brightly colored teether toys not only help in improving oral hygiene but also with sensory development and flexibility.

Effective use

It can be grasped by the baby perfectly and can be hand-washed or washed in the dishwasher making it simpler for parents as well.


✅ Safe, soft, and flexible.

✅ Available in 4 different colors and shapes.

✅ Helpful in developing good oral habits.

✅ It is freezer safe and heat resistant.


X Needs to be carefully used under adult supervision only.

X The ring can be bitten off which might prove to be dangerous.

11. Nicknack Activity Cube Baby Toys

Check the Latest Price on Nicknack Cube Toys

Nicknack Activity Cube is a baby multifunctional toy that can be used to aid the early learning of toddlers. It is easy to assemble. The detachable pieces can be assembled in different ways by interlocking.

Kids can form different shapes with their imagination, this will keep the baby engaged in a productive activity for hours.

This gender-neutral toy is ideal for both baby boys and baby girls. It is a fascinating educational toy that can be gifted to kids to increase their imagination and intelligence, exercise their hand-eye coordination, improve color recognition ability and motor skills.

Why is it special?


It offers Shape sorters, musical piano, steering wheel, treasure box game, analog phone, rotatable gears, and beads.

Great safety measure

It is made of ABS- safe and non-toxic material. The edges have a smooth design to make it completely harmless for babies.

Toddler’s gift

It is an ideal gift for kids from 18 months to 3 years old. It keeps them entertained while improving their other skills like imagination and intelligence.


✅ Safe material and packing.

✅ Durable and high-quality toy.

✅ Piano key surface to play music.

✅ Analog phone for kids to pretend to talk.


X The music turns off only from the inside which can be annoying sometimes.

X Might fall apart quickly if not balanced.

What toys keep toddlers busy – Buying Guide

1. Features

Features are one of the most essential things before purchasing toys for babies. Generally, features should offer the best entertainment to make babies busy all the time.

For extreme entertainment, toys should include songs, rhymes, and colorful attractions. For babies’ betterment, some basic lessons are also systemized with the toys.

2. Design

Toys for the child should come with a colorful and attractive design. An awesome design easily grabs the attention of the baby and keeps them busy for a long time. Also, babies spend their time joyously with well-designed toys.

3. Technology

The right technology can make an effective toy for babies. The thing is, effective technology in the toy gives opportunity to the babies for learning and entertaining at the same time through songs, rhymes, and musical notes.

Besides, the colorful lighting keeps the baby happy all day long.

4. Age

Age is also a vital thing that you need to consider before purchasing a baby toy to keep your kid busy. You need to buy an appropriate toy according to the exact age of your babies.

Do not buy any toys for babies who are not suited for the toys. Keep maintaining the right toys for right aged babies.

5. Price

Kids’ toys are priced differently. You should only select toys that are within your budget and that serve the needs of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toys do babies like the most?

Generally, babies like to have toys that will give them entertainment and fun. For that, the toys should be colorful and awesomely designed.

It also should come with good music and rhymes. Babies from the age between 6 months to 5 years like to grab toys, balls, and board books.

Do babies get bored of their toys?

Yes, babies can get bored of their toys especially if they have a few toys or toys that serve the same purpose. Also, toys that are not interactive and engaging make babies bored of their toys.

The key tip is to go for interactive toys, vary the toys and increase their number.