11 Best Toys For Baby To Pull Up On in 2022

It is not too early to start thinking about your new baby have an item to pull up on. 

One of the most important milestones for a child is being able to pull up to a standing position. This helps them develop better balance and muscles, and it also gives them more independence. 

However, this can be difficult for some children because they lack confidence or are too heavy to use the momentum of their own body weight. 

Luckily, there are toys that can help! Here are the top 10 best toys to help baby pull up and encourage them to stand on their own. Plus, we include the 11th choice to expand your options.

Best toys to help baby pull up – Top Picks

  1. Montessori Wooden Pull Up Bar for InfantsBest Montessori pull up bar for baby
  2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerBest Vtech toy to help baby pull himself up
  3. iPlay, iLearn 3-In-1 Baby WalkerBest toy to encourage baby to pull up
  4. NextX Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerBest toy to help baby pull up to standing
  5. TOYANDONA Toddler Walking Assistant Pull Up RingBest ring toys to help baby pull themselves up
  6. Jonti-Craft 0619JC Infant Coordination MirrorBest baby pull up bar and mirror
  7. Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar RingsBest chain swing toy for baby to pull up on
  8. Sumind 8 Pieces Baby Crib Pull RingBest 8 piece ring toy to help baby pull themselves up
  9. KIDDERY TOYS Wooden Push and Pull Learning WalkerBest interactive toys to help baby learn to pull up
  10. BACCOW Baby Musical Activity TableBest table toy to help baby pull up
  11. VTech Touch and Learn Activity DeskTable toy to help baby pull up

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Best toys for baby to pull up on – Reviews

1. Montessori Wooden Pull Up Bar for Infants

From the moment they are born, babies need to learn how to use their hands and feet. And while they do it instinctively, we know that your little one will enjoy practicing new skills on the Montessori Pull Up Bar.

The bar is designed with you in mind- both you and your baby. Hence, you can rest assured that it is safe to use from day one!

It has rounded corners so your child will never hurt themselves against a sharp edge or corner. Also, it is milled with perfect smoothness to prevent splinters.

Made in the USA with pride, this pull up bar also has a beautiful finish that is non-toxic and skin-friendly. Thus, your baby can suck and teeth on the bar without a worry.

You can install a mirror behind this pull up bar for your little ones to watch themselves. The idea is to create interest and keep your little one holding onto the bar. 

This pull up bar is more than an essential part of your child’s development. It will also provide them with hours of fun as they explore their newfound physical skills.


Custom lengths available

Baby-safe finish

Pre-drilled for easy installation

Comes pre-assembled


X️ Would be better if it came with a mirror

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


Meet the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker! The perfect first walker for your baby.

This is the ideal tool for babies who are starting to learn how to walk and toddlers who are beginning to explore their world. 

With the removal activity panel, your child will have a blast being creative while they play! The panel includes a shape sorter, light-up buttons, spinning flowers, and more.

Now, the activity panel is not only educational and fun. It also has age-appropriate activities that will have a positive impact on your child.

The activity panel can be placed on the floor or used while attached to the walker. This allows you to switch between activities as needed depending on how your baby is feeling at any given moment.

There is even music and rolling rattles to provide stimulation and keep your little one entertained while sitting or standing. 

Most parents like how the wheels lock to slow the walker down when needed. Plus, there are two speed settings (faster on the carpet, slower on the hardwood floor). So, you can customize it to the surface your baby is walking on. 

We have to admit that his walker tends to slide a bit on a wooden floor. Still, you can solve the problem by using thicker rubber bands to help with traction.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is more than just a walker! It is an all-in-one solution that introduces your child to the basics of walking through learning and fun play.


Grows with your child

Adjustable speed makes it safe for beginner walkers

Useful for floor play and on-the-go fun

Multiple color options

Frustration-free packaging


X️ Tends to slide on hardwood floors

3. iPlay, iLearn 3-In-1 Baby Walker


If you are looking for a baby walker that does it all, this is the one. iPlay, iLearn Baby Walker is one of the best toys to encourage pulling up because it is more stable and prevents bow legs.

The coolest part is that as your child grows, you can flip it into a drawing board or convert it to an activity table. With such a unique design, your baby will be able to explore the world around them as they grow.

Plus, it has all of the bells and whistles that your little one is looking for. The activity center keeps your little one busy with lights, sounds, and educational content that is perfect for their age.

And when they get tired of sitting or standing, they can try walking with the help of the wheels on this walker.

The best feature? Everything your little one touches makes noise. It is sure to motivate your little one to start walking around.

Not only that, but the wheels also have grips for hardwood and glide easily on carpet. So, you can take this walker anywhere without worry! 

With all these great features, it is no wonder why this will make a thoughtful gift!


3-in-1 product

More stable design

Adjustable speed control

Ergonomic design

Helps prevent bow legs


X Volume adjustment should have more options for a quieter tone

4. NextX Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

NextX baby walker is a great way to get your little one moving and entertained. This is the perfect tool to help your baby develop from a crawler to a walker.

It has two modes of play: educational and musical. So, you can choose the one that best suits your child’s age and personality.

It features a remote toy car with music and flashing lights. Hence, your little one can enjoy the ride as they walk! Also, with a rotating rabbit that plays peek-a-boo, this baby activity toy will keep your child entertained for hours!

This walker also has a sturdy base that supports standing and walking with deep, ergonomic handles to hold onto.

The three parts are easy to put together so parents can get some kidless time in between naps. Not only that, but it also grows with your baby as they learn to walk with more balance, coordination, and control.

With this baby walker, you will have everything you need to introduce your baby to a world of discovery.


4-in-1 design

Prevents bow legs

Walking assistance

Adjustable handle height

Convenient remote control function

Sturdy base


X️ Instructions are a bit lacking

5. TOYANDONA Baby Toddler Walking Assistant Pull Up Ring


Finally, a toddler pull up ring that is safe and sturdy!

The TOYANDONA Toddler Pull Up Ring is a dream come true for parents who want to avoid the mess and havoc of a toddler climbing out of bed or their crib.

To avoid any injury from falls, this pull up ring buckles to the edge of your baby bed or crib. So, now you can put that fear to rest, knowing your baby is in safe hands.

The soft, comfortable material will not hurt the baby’s hands while pulling up and down. Still, it is tough enough to hold up to all the pulling and yanking.

This pull up ring also appeals to parents because it does not have chemicals. As such, the baby can teeth on it without worry.

And did you know that this pull up ring does more than help your baby learn how to walk?

As it turns out, it also helps your little one “graduate” from diapers to a toilet. So, it is also a perfect tool that will make potty training less of a struggle.

This pull up ring is the perfect solution for any parent who is constantly worried about their toddler taking off!


Easy to clip on a crib

Ergonomic design

Durable, child-safe materials


X️ Lacks interactive features to encourage the baby to pull up

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6. Jonti-Craft 0619JC Infant Coordination Mirror


Baby’s first mirror! The Jonti-Craft 0619JC Infant Coordination Mirror is the perfect way to introduce your infant to their reflection and encourage them to stand up. 

This interactive studio-quality mirror will allow them to explore their own self and get a sense of who they are. Not only that, but it will also let your little ones have hours of fun while learning how to coordinate their body movements and hand skills.

The package also includes a pull up maple wood rail.

Now, the maple wood rail is made with comfort and safety in mind. Smooth rounded corners eliminate any sharp edges. Plus, it has a natural finish safe for teething.

Parents also like the size of the maple wood rail. It is just the right shape for little fingers to grab. Moreover, it is long enough to give babies more room to explore.

This product mounts on studs in your wall. Hence, it may not work if you have baseboards.


Complete set includes a mirror and a rail support

Scratch-resistant acrylic mirror

Wooden rail has a natural, kid-safe finish


X️ Only ideal for stud mounting

7. Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar Rings


Add this Jungle Gym swing set trapeze bar with rings to your child’s playscape and watch them spend hours playing and exploring outdoors. 

The trapeze bar is easy for youngsters to grab onto with the included carabiners and green plastic coated chains. It also comes with triangular green plastic coated rings to add an extra challenge for the little ones.

With this combo unit, kids can swing from the green plastic rings or hang by their knees and grip the bar below the rings.

To use it, simply mount the green powder-coated trapeze bar with rings on your playset. The best part is that this is a complete assembled product ready to use!

A backyard playground essential, this swing set will offer the safest, most comfortable swing experience for your little one.


Fully assembled

Upgraded, ergonomic grips

Two-color options

Holds up to 300 pounds

Weather-resistant materials


X️ The chains are very long

8. Sumind 8 Pieces Baby Crib Pull Ring


You love watching your baby grow up, but you are not so keen on the idea of them trying to walk. Keep them safe with these 8 pieces baby crib pull ring. 

They are easy to install and will keep your little one from trying to walk out of his crib or playpen. Not only that, they will also help them develop balance and exercise their muscles as they learn how to stand up. 

The lightweight design is comfortable for little hands and is made of safe materials that will not cause any discomfort or harm. Hence, you will have peace of mind knowing that your toddler is safe. 

Just a bit more on the installation; you will not need any nails or glue. Just clip it on the edge of a crib or bassinet without hassle.

Available in 4 colors and multiple sizes, these rings can meet the needs of all your babies!


Varied, bright colors

More rings in one package for long-term use

Easy clip-on installation

Durable kid-safe materials


X️ Lacks interactive features

9. KIDDERY TOYS Wooden Push and Pull Learning Walker


This Wooden Push and Pull Learning Walker is a perfect gift idea for any baby or toddler. You can use the push and walker to improve motor skills, social skills, creativity, imagination, and more! 

With a wide range of activities, including shapes, beads, musical note xylophone, and more, this push-pull toy is sure to keep your little one engaged for hours on end! 

Made with high-quality wood that is sure to last, this toy is great for both girls and boys at any age. Best of all, it is gender-neutral, so you can order it for your own little one or as a thoughtful gift for someone else!

And as if all of those benefits were not enough, this push and pull walker also features rubber edges that protect delicate floors from scratches. Also, it has non-toxic paints that are safe for the baby’s skin.

With a delightful array of activities, this wooden learning walker will keep your son occupied and entertained–and it looks good too!


Multiple fun activities

Assists babies with walking

Gender-neutral design

Natural non-toxic materials


X️ Requires assembly

10. BACCOW Baby Toys 6-18 Months Musical Activity Table


The BACCOW Musical Activity Table is a great way to help your baby explore the world through sound and light. 

With lots of interactive components such as the phone, drum, and piano, this table has something for every child. 

Your child can work the drumsticks, play the piano, rotate the gears, or pick up a phone. In addition, the music is very rich and brings along happy times to your babies.

But it is not just about music. This activity table also teaches your child about colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

Plus, you can take off the legs to play while sitting down or put them back to play while standing. The possibilities are endless!

As a parent, you can also rest assured knowing this table is made of non-toxic materials. In fact, it exceeds safety certifications, giving you fewer things to worry about.


Multiple fun activities

Removable legs

Smooth, non-toxic materials

Two-color options


X️ A bit on the smaller side

11. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk


This one-of-a-kind desk is designed to foster creativity and imagination while encouraging early learning.

The desk is comprised of five activity pages that are filled with engaging content. 

The toy telephone allows your child to pretend they are making a call. Also, there is a music player that has fun tunes for your little one to enjoy.

As well as providing plenty of fun, this desk also has an LED display. It helps develop counting skills while teaching your little one how to write letters and numbers.

The best part? It transforms from a learning desk to a chalkboard or art station to show off your child’s work! Plus, a stool is included so that babies can reach their play station at any level.

As if that is not all, a progress button reports on your child’s progress so you can monitor their educational development. Even better, there are expansion packs available for more learning adventures!

If you want a one-of-a-kind interactive desk to help your child explore and learn, this is it.


3-in-1 activity desk

Multiple fun activities

Expansion packs available


X️ The desk moves easily when pushed

Selecting the best toy to help baby pull up – Buying Guide

1. Is it appropriate for your child’s age?

As a parent, you want the best for your baby. You want them to grow up happy and healthy. One way to do this is to provide them with age-appropriate toys. 

There are many benefits of choosing to pull up toys in the right age group. Toys that are too advanced may be frustrating or overwhelming for children who are not ready. Choose a toy that is too easy, and they will quickly get bored with it. 

According to the experts, using a pull toy is a 9-month milestone. However, it can be sooner or later depending on the abilities of your child.

2. Will it grow with your child?

Pull up toys that grow with your child are a great investment. They will engage your child at different stages of development. Also, they allow little ones to explore their world in various ways as they grow and learn. 

Plus, with this type of toy, you do not have to buy multiple toys for the same age group because there is one toy that will be just right for them.

3. How stable/sturdy or sturdy is it?

The whole point of pull-up toys is to support your baby to a standing position. Hence, it is a no-brainer that the best toys to help the baby pull to stand should be stable.

Consider pull-up toys that have a broad, stable base to prevent tipping and knocking your baby off balance.

This is important for a baby stand or push toy. Also, it should be sturdy enough to support the babies’ weight.

4. On which type of floor will you be using the toy?

Push toys, especially walkers, may tend to slip or slide on wooden floors. Hence, ensure the toy is safe to use on your type of flooring. Also, keep pushing toys off the stairs or uneven surfaces.

5. Safety advice when buying pull up rings

When buying pull-up rings, ensure it is not too long to avoid strangulation. According to experts, a pull-up ring should not be more than 12 inches long.

Well, you can choose a longer one, but that means you will have to either cut it or supervise your baby the entire time.

Also, consider the thickness of the string. It should not be too thin to cut your child’s skin or cause discomfort. Essentially, you want to have a pull-up string that is at least 1.5 inches wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should babies pull up to stand?

Between 8-10 months is the time when the baby should pull up to stand. At this stage, your baby’s muscles will be strong enough to let them stand.

However, they will not have the balance quite right. That is why it is important for them to have the best pull-up toys to help them reach their goal.

However, it is important to note that this time frame does not apply to all infants. Some may pull up sooner; others might take a bit longer.

Still, you should expect around 90% of infants to achieve this milestone between 8-10 months.

2. When should I begin to worry?

As long as your baby stands and pulls up by about 18 months, there is no cause for worry. However, it can take a little longer for babies born prematurely. 


The best toys to help babies pull up come in different styles. Some are loaded with bells and whistles; others are more about simplicity.

Also, more advanced options do more than help your baby pull up; they also encourage them to walk. Whichever the case, each of these products will help your baby pull up to a standing position.

However, you should not force pull-up toys on your baby unless they are ready. Be patient and allow them to develop the skill at their own pace.