7 Best Foldable Tricycle For Toddlers 2022

The best foldable tricycle for toddlers has to show a convenient modular folding design that significantly reduces storage and transport space to make the trikeBest Foldable Tricycle For Toddlers portable.

Good folding trikes for toddlers should also offer a convenient carry handle that eases the folded tricycle’s transport or simplifies the suspension on a rack.

The best folding tricycles should also offer detachable pedals that reduce lateral coverage to ensure the trike fits in small linear spaces.

The folding tricycle should also exhibit a premium-built heavy-duty frame with sturdy construction and a low center of gravity, thus creating a 100% safe and durable tricycle for toddlers.

Check out GLACER Baby Tricycle, which is our overall best folding tricycle for toddlers.

This trike features 6 in 1 usage modes, sturdy, shock absorbent, elastic and durable tires, and a solid and stable steel build whose weight is well distributed.

Let’s dive right in…

Reviews for the best foldable tricycle for toddlers

1. GLACER Baby Tricycle, 6-in-1 Kids Tricycle with Push Handle Review


  • Material: ABS, Steel
  • Age Limit: 1 – 5 years

GLACER Baby Tricycle features 6 functionality modes, including (1) Classic tricycle, (2) Tricycle + push handle, (3) Tricycle + push handle + seat back support, (4) infant tricycle, (5) steering tricycle, and (6)  learn-to-ride tricycle.

Therefore, regardless of your toddler’s developmental stage or age, the parent will find a model that perfectly fits the baby’s needs.

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GLACER Baby Tricycle features exceptional firmness to keep the trike sturdy and strong shock absorption to reduce the risk of injury during fast steers and potholed pavements or yards.

Also, the wheels are elastic and abrasion-resistant, assuring you of a smooth and prolonged tricycling experience.

This trike also features a solid and stable steel build that provides not only an excellent weight-bearing capacity and a durable tricycling experience but also perfect weight distribution for 100% safety for your toddler.

The most significant advantage here is the degrees of foldability that this trike features.

The quick-fold button launches the folding with just a single click reducing the storage and transport space. This way, you do not have to disassemble the tricycle to fit.

Also, while other tricycles in the competition only allow for foldable canopies, GLACER Baby Tricycle folds all parts, including wheels and push-handle to form a compact and portable tricycle.

In addition, the detachable storage bag provides ample storage for baby items, ride-on toys, sanitary wipes during these Covid 19 pandemic times, and more.

The safety of this trike is top-notch due to the 3-point shoulder strap that secures the chest and shoulder region, plus a detachable safety sponge guardrail that confines your child to avoid toppling over.

This way, your child enjoys maximum comfort while the parent has reassurance about the low risk of injury.


✅ It has 6 in 1 usage modes.

✅ It has sturdy, shock absorbent, elastic and durable tires.

✅ It has a solid and stable steel build whose weight is well distributed.

✅ It features an easy-to-implement one-click folding mechanism.

✅ It has a detachable storage bag with ample space.


X It has a strong odor immediately after unboxing and should be aired for some time.

X Its wheels create markings on light-colored wooden floors.

2. BMW 3 in 1 Grow-with-Me Baby Foldable Tricycle with Push Handle Review


  • Material: Carbon Steel, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Age Limit: 10 months – 5 years
  • Suggested Height: ≥ 30 inches

BMW Foldable Tricycle features a 3 stage functionality to fit babies at different developmental stages perfectly.

Stage 1: Toddler stroller ideal for 10 months – 2 years babies. Here, the toddler positions their feet on the footrest.

Also, your child is within the confines of the protective canopy and the 5-point Y harness to ensure 100% safety with zero risks of dislodging from the trike.

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Stage 2: Safe tricycling for 18 months – 3 years babies. Here, the child heightens cycling skills by building confidence, balance, and motor skills.

However, the parental push handle remains for parental assurance, especially on uneven yards.

Stage 3: Full Riding Mode for 3 years and up babies. Here, your child explores the benefit of hand-eye coordination and balance skills and is ready to omit the parent handle, safety bar, and high back support.

Therefore, BMW Foldable Tricycle features unique designs as your child grows, ensuring safety, comfort, and ease of use in each developmental stage.

The tricycle design provides 100% safety through excellent weight distribution with a low center of gravity and a  safety Y harness locker.

This way, your baby’s ride is secure even during fast steers, curvilinear paths, or even on uneven pavements.

BMW Foldable Tricycle has a comfortable seat that is cushioned to give an ergonomic riding experience to toddlers and avoid back pains or ride discomfort. Also, the seat cushion is both detachable and easy to clean, making maintenance easy and fast.

The rike comes 95% assembled to save your time on assembly significantly. This way, your child can enjoy the tricycling experience right off the box.

Although the wheels do not fold, the canopy of the BMW Foldable Tricycle collapses to form a compact package that makes transport and storage easy.


✅ It has a 3 stage functionality.

✅ It has excellent weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

✅ Its eat is cushioned, comfortable, and easy to clean.

✅ It comes 95% assembles for quick right off-the-box riding.


X Its wheels do not fold, which would otherwise further reduce storage and transport space.

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3. Avenor 2 in 1 Folding Tricycle Review


  • Material: Leather seat
  • Age Limit: 2 – 4 years

This Avenor tricycle has a lightweight frame that makes steering effortless and improves convenience during storage and transport.

Therefore, kids find tricycling easy and comfortable even on uneven ground.

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The seat features high-quality PU leather, which is durable and perfectly resists wearing and tearing. Also, PU leather is more than plastic and provides a comfortable cushion to reduce tricycling discomfort and fatigue.

The tricycles seat is at an ideal height and accommodates various kids or a growing child with ultimate comfort.

The wide-spreading hind legs and relatively larger front wheels couple up to give your child the best cycling experience that improves their balance, coordination, and independence skills.

Avenor tricycle is easy to assemble and comes 95% assembled to make riding possible right off the bat after unboxing.

The handlebar’s assembly only takes 2 minutes to set up; hence the overall assembly is quick and easy.

The trike features a foldable modular design making it easy to carry in your car trunk, roof box, or storage rack.

Avenor tricycle gestures have strong and durable wheels which perform excellently either in indoor spaces or outdoors.


✅ It has durable wheels for booth outdoor and indoor use

✅ It comes 95% assembled.

✅ It is lightweight for fast and easy steering in sharp corners.

✅ Its seat is made of PU leather which is easy to clean and highly durable.

✅ It is perfect for building confidence, stimulating independence, and improving balancing and coordination skills.


X The lack of an adjustable seat narrows the age range for kids to use the tricycle.

4. smarTrike STR5 Folding Toddler Tricycle Review


  • Material: Leather seat
  • Age Limit: 2 – 4 years

smarTrike STR5 Folding Tricycle is an excellent customizable foldable trike due to the included lettered embroidery of your chosen name plus beautiful design elements.

The trike includes customization instructions to ensure that your child enjoys a custom look on their tricycle.

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smarTrike STR5 Folding Tricycle is easy to fold and only requires a few clicks to change its form and reduce space.

This way, this tricycle is easy to store and transport on racks or wagons.

The most significant advantage of smarTrike STR5 Folding Tricycle over its competitors is the effortless Touch Steering technology that makes trike direction control easy for toddlers at various stages.

This way, kids can achieve sharp steers in curved paths, race with their friends in the yard, and escape obstacles without injury.

In the end, your child achieves several educational objectives, including the ability to ride independently, hand-to-eye coordination, and balance.

smarTrike STR5 Folding Tricycle has an upgraded safety system to secure your child’s riding experience. The parent-controlled braking system actively ensures the instant escape of obstacles and speed regulation on the sloppy ground.

Also, the adjustable 5-point safety harness and shock absorber ensure that your child is safe at all times during tricycling with no risk of dislodging from the tricycle.

✅ It has an upgraded safety system.

✅ It has an effortless Touch Steering technology.

✅ It is customizable through included embroidered lettering.

✅ It is a foldable trike that folds in few clicks.


X The canopy of the tricycle needs separate ordering.

5. YGJT 3 in1 Folding Toddler Tricycle for 2 – 4-Year-Old Review


  • Age Limit: 2 – 5 years
  • Material: Carbon Steel

YGJT 3 in1 Folding Toddler Tricycle features high quality, heavy-duty carbon steel, making the tricycle resistant to breakage, rusting, and bedding, thus providing ultimate durability and a strong cycling experience.

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The tires feature Non-Slip EVA Foam that ensures safe treading, ideal for wet ground or smooth surfaces. The tires are not inflatable and thus provide a firm grip on pavements with no risk of toppling over or sliding. 

 Also, the swift foam tire surface significantly reduces tricycling noise and makes it ideal for those choosing to ride on wooden floors with minimal distraction downstairs.

YGJT 3 in1 Folding Toddler Tricycle offers exceptional portability due to the folding hind piece that folds forward. This way, the tricycle can be carried in car trunks and roof boxes, saving both storage and transport space.

Also, the pedals are detachable, giving room for extra portability. However, these pedals can be installed in a hole under the seat, which significantly improves the versatility of the trike.

Also, the portable handle behind the seat makes transport easier for parents who have to walk to the riding park.

Also, this handle acts as a safe hanging place when suspending the trike on a rack.

YGJT 3 in1 Folding Toddler Tricycle is easy to assemble, and full assembly can be done in minutes.


✅ It has a durable, heavy-duty carbon steel build

✅ Its tires feature a Non-Slip EVA Foam design.

✅ It is portable due to the detachable pedals, folding modular design, and handle.


X Its front wheels and handlebar do not fold, which could significantly reduce storage and transport space.

6. Radio Flyer Folding Trike, Pink (Pink) Review


  • Age Limit: 1 to 3 Years
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 37.5 pounds

Radio Flyer Folding Trike is a convenient, comfortable, and fun tricycle for your toddler. 

The tricycle comes with 100% full assembly to enable your child to ride immediately after unboxing.

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Radio Flyer Folding Trike conveniently folds for easy portability during transport and storage. Also, the smooth handle grip makes carrying it around easy and comfortable.

This tricycle offers 100% safety due to its construction its safety features. The safety latch is handy to secure the overall tricycle build when in use.

Also, the steel construction exhibits excellent weight distribution with a low center of gravity that reduces the chances of turning over during speedy cycles, uneven ground, or sharp corners.

The trike’s seat adjusts forward and backward to enable your toddler to achieve comfort regardless of the height or developmental stage.

This way, the value for your money is high since other toddlers can use the same tricycle in the family.

The controlled turning radius is a unique advantage that provides superior navigation and steering. This way, there is a significant reduction in accidents that arise from free turning handlebars.


✅ It comes with 100% full assembly.

✅ It folds to reduce space and has an easy-to-carry handle-grip

✅ It features 100% safe construction

✅ It has an adjustable height

✅ It has a controlled turning radius to reduce accidental turns.


X The manufacturer recommends 1 to 3 years, but our experience narrows this age range to up to 2 years.

7. Mookie Scuttlebug XL 3-Wheel Foldable Ride-On Tricycle Review


  • Age Limit: 2 to 4 Years
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 110 pounds

Mookie Scuttlebug tricycle offers excellent wheel height adjustability for each wheel.

Parents can help their toddlers change the height of each wheel to suit their heights and cycling experience.

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The trike employs the antennae as a handlebar to promote top-notch steering while providing a stable ride eleven on the sloppy ground.

The wheels of Mookie Scuttlebug are larger than ordinary scooters and help provide additional stability to the tricycle.

This tricycle is both lightweights at only 5.5 pounds and compact with a simple 3-click folding system that makes it super easy to store and carry.

The folded size is 65% less than the fully assembled size, significantly saving storage and transport space.


✅ It has height adjustability for each wheel.

✅ Its handlebar allows for stable steering.

✅ It folds to save 65% storage and transport space.


X It has a high center of gravity even with adjustable wheels and is only ideal for flat surfaces or experienced toddler riders.

Final Thoughts

GLACER Baby Tricycle and BMW 3 in 1 Grow-with-Me Baby Foldable Tricycle were the best foldable tricycle for toddlers in this review.

These tricycles show an excellent folding design to reduce storage space and transport. The trikes are also multifunctional, catering for the growing baby and various family members.

Picking the best folding tricycle for toddlers requires that you carefully watch out for an excellently folding modular design, firm grip tires, a sturdy frame construction, and an excellent weight distribution.