11 Best Indoor Bounce House For Toddlers 2022

The best indoor bounce house for toddlers should offer exceptional durability, offer safety and protection to your children’s bouncing experience, and be compact for various sizes of indoor spaces.

Also, indoor bounce houses for babies should exhibit a higher maximum weight limit to accommodate several babies for extra fun.Best Indoor Bounce House For Toddlers

However, indoor bounce castles are in the hundreds, and finding the best can be tedious and confusing.

Todays’s article compiles a 95h research from the web to provide you well researched and well-filtered articles to help you make a wise decision for your toddler.

But first…

What is an indoor bounce house?

An indoor bounce house is a large inflatable, usually in the shape of a building where kids can jump up and down for fun, and that is installed indoors.

It can have other extra features for more fun, such as slides, a basketball hoop, and a ball pit.

Why buy an indoor house for toddlers?

Indoor bounce castles are a great way to burn some energy while helping toddlers learn new skills like balancing and coordination.

Plus, it allows them to have fun in the safety of the house, where you can easily monitor them.

Reviews for Best Indoor Bounce House for Toddlers

1. Action Air 9309Y Toddler Bounce House Slide Review

There are many options when looking for a place to take your children to get their energy out. The park, the backyard, or even the living room can be great places to go.

But if none of these work for you, Action Air offers another option; an inflatable bounce house!

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When it comes to safety and protection, Action Air has thought of everything. They have designed their inflatables with safety in mind. For instance, it has an enclosed bounce area and low sides so even the youngest children will have fun.

And if that is not enough to convince you, Action Air also makes this bounce house with 50% extra thickness. It can support 90 pounds, meaning multiple kids can have a blast bouncing in these giant inflatables.

Action Air Bounce House has all the benefits of a traditional bounce house but without drawbacks. It is light, easy to set up, and easy to move around the yard – making it the perfect addition to any party!

Plus, the fun doesn’t stop outside. This bounce house is also compact enough for indoor use, measuring a mere 7.1 x 5.1 x 46 feet. In addition, it has exciting colors that will appeal to toddlers!

If you are looking for a place to help toddlers (3-4 years) get their energy out, this inflatable house is a good start.


50% extra thickness

Compact size for small spaces

Inflates quickly

Includes all accessories

1-year warranty


X The blower is a bit loud

2. YARD 6207 Outdoor Indoor Bounce House Slide Review

Do you not have the time for a day at the amusement parks? Throw a party in your backyard or living room with YARD 6207 bounce house!

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At 9.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 feet, it is the perfect size for kids who love the thrill of bouncing and sliding without having to take up an entire room. Still, it is spacious enough to fit up to 3 kids from 3 to 5 feet tall.

Moreover, there is no need to fret regarding the safety of your kids. This bounce house addresses the issue with great attention to every detail.

For instance, it has mesh netting to protect the kids from bumps and falls while bouncing around. In addition, the extra thick material supports up to 250 pounds and is durable enough to take outside so that kids can find some fresh air while still getting their bounce on.

With the fun, festive design and high-quality construction, this bouncy castle is perfect for any occasion! It is ideal for birthday parties, Christmas parties, family reunions, or just a relaxed way to keep your kids entertained!

It is a great way to give 3 to 8-year-old kids a break from running around on the ground and still having an active life.


Extra thick material for ultimate durability

Complies with toy safety standards

Thicker mattress for better jumping ability

Includes all accessories


X Blower is loud

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3. YARD 6210 Bounce House with Slide Review

Do you want to give your kids more thrill? Look no further than YARD 6210 Bounce House.

Unlike other bounce houses on the list, it has a high-sloping slide. It is just what kids need for an adrenaline-filled experience as they slide to their desired landing point.

best toddler bounce house View on Amazon

At 11.5 x 9.8 x 8.9 feet, this bounce house can accommodate 5 children at once and still have space left over for an adult to join the fun! But it is not just about having more room. This jump house can support some serious weight.

You see, it uses sturdy 420D nylon that holds a whopping 550 pounds, more than any other bounce house on the list. Hence, it can withstand all the aggressive jumps your kids throw at it.

Because this unit has stakes that anchor it firmly in the ground and a mesh netting that protects children from falls, you will feel completely at ease while watching them have pure fun!

This bounce house is for kids who are 3 to 8 years old. But depending on how many kids use it at once, it can hold older kids too!

If you are looking for an inflatable bouncer that can take a beating and keep your kids entertained and active all summer long, this is it.


Sturdiest material for aggressive jumps

Holds the most weight

Spacious play area

Steep slide for more thrill

Has all accessories


X The large size can be a tight fit in some spaces

4. TURFEE Bounce House with Slide Review

Get kids moving with this TURFEE Bounce House with Slide! This is the perfect addition to your backyard for family gatherings, including school and neighborhood parties.

TURFEE focuses on providing more play areas. Everything is big, from the slide to the jumping area.

best bouncy castle for infants View on Amazon

In fact, this bouncy house has the widest slide on the list. Hence, multiple kids can climb up and zip down for hours of fun.

But don’t worry that it will take a lot of space in your house. At 138 x 106 x 73 inches,

it can fit into most nurseries. Also, it can fit into most backyards, making it great for those hot summer days when kids just want to be outside.

Also, this is a product that doesn’t take your kid’s safety for granted. It has all the safety features, including mesh netting that makes it safe for kids as young as 3 years. In addition, it comes in durable vinyl that holds up to 250 pounds.

From small kids to big kids, there is no party too small or too big that this bounce house cannot handle.


Extra-wide slide can fit more than one kid at once

Spacious bounce area

Built-in mesh pockets

Includes all accessories


X Takes up considerable floor space

5. Bounceland Bounce House with Basketball Hoop Review

Do your little ones want to play basketball and bounce on a giant inflatable, all at the same time? Now you can! Bounceland is a place where your child’s imagination rules.

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With a basketball hoop inside, there is no excuse not to play your favorite sport while bouncing around! It adds some competition to the mix to see who can make more baskets.

The unique combination of a fun slide and jumping area will provide hours of fun for children of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers, there is something for everyone.

With reinforced PVC vinyl and mesh windows, this bounce castle is designed to hold up under rigorous use. Plus, it has a spacious 12 x 9 x 7 feet design, enough for up to 3 kids.

Keep in mind also that your safety is the number one priority. And if you have any doubts about how safe this bounce house is, fret no more. It is certified by ASTM and exceeds worldwide requirements.

As to how much it can hold, this bounce house supports up to 250 pounds. In addition, it is great for kids aged 3 to 8 years old.

Often, most bounce houses do not include a warranty. Hence, you will be happy with the 90-day warranty coverage on this product. It might sound short, but enough to give you peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for a family activity, birthday party idea, or simply want to make your backyard more exciting; this bounce house is one of the best investments you can make.


Integrated basketball hoop

Heavy-duty puncture-proof material

Meets worldwide safety standards

90-day warranty

Bonus accessories


X Blower is loud

6. Bounceland Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House Review

If you are looking for a bounce castle with a little something extra, this product is for you. Bounceland takes your party entertainment up a notch with their Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House.

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The ultimate combo features a bounce area, a curly slide, an obstacle wall, a tunnel, and a ball pit. Even a basketball hoop is perfect for kids to shoot hoops and dunk balls as they bounce around.

Simply put, it is a feature-packed bounce house with many possibilities for imaginative play.

This slide bounce house does not only feature so many ways to play. It is also made of the most durable materials to withstand hours of jumping, diving, and sliding.

Bounceland is also committed to providing safe products. This particular product is no exception. It includes mesh netting and higher rails for the slide. To top it all, it meets ASTM standards.

This bouncy castle measures a sizeable 12 x 10 x 8 feet to accommodate its many features. It can hold up to 4 kids and a maximum of 400 pounds.

If you are looking for more features in a bounce house, this Combo Inflatable Bounce House has you covered.


Longer, steep slide for more thrill

More fun activities than other bounce houses

Comes with 30 play balls

Meets ASTM safety standards

Accessories included

90-day warranty


X The jumping area is a bit small

7. Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer with Arched Canopy Review

What is more fun than a bouncy house? A bouncy house with an arched canopy!

You see, kids love to play outside and be active. But it gets really hot, and there is too much sun exposure. All of which can be dangerous for their skin and eyes!

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If you want your kids to have fun in the fresh air, but do not want them getting too much sun, Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is a good solution. It has an arched canopy to keep them safe from the sun.

Besides the canopy, this bounce house has other great features that kids need to have a great time. Among them is the long, soft and safe padded slide that kids can run up after jumping.

Plus, it comes in puncture-resistant material that holds up to hours of bouncing and sliding fun. This bouncy castle includes two mesh doors as well as mesh pockets for shoes and other items.

At 144 x 108 x 72 inches, this bounce house can fit up to 3 kids at once and supports up to 250 pounds. Moreover, it includes a 90-day warranty to keep your mind at ease.


A canopy provides constant shade

Extra-wide slide and jumping area

Includes mesh pockets for shoes

You get all accessories

90-day warranty


X The blower is a bit loud for indoor use

8. Doctor Dolphin Inflatable Bouncy House for Kids Review

With all the fun and joy that can be had inside, Doctor Dolphin bounce house is an excellent way for kids to have a memorable time with friends.

best toddler bounce house View on Amazon

It is the perfect place for kids to play, bounce, slide, and jump as they burn energy. It even has colorful prints of favorite TV characters to attract your child’s attention.

Doctor Dolphin inflatable house takes bouncing to a whole new level. It is not just a bounce house – it is also an inflatable basketball hoop. So your little ones can play ball while jumping around!

Plus, you can be one of those parents who get to watch their kids bounce and have fun!

But the fun does not stop there. There is also a slide where your kids can zip down all day long.

At 8.9 x 7.1 x 5.7 feet, this bounce house is compact enough to fit into any room yet large enough to accommodate 2 kids at once. And with commercial-grade 420D fabric, it can easily support 250 pounds.

For a bounce house that is both fun and interactive, you can count on this inflatable house to deliver.


Puncture-resistant material

Printed characters to attract attention

Includes basketball hoop

Low-sound air blower

1-year warranty


X The slide is quite small

9. Action Air 9215P Bounce House Review

The Action Air 9215P Bounce House will quench your kids’ thirst for fun. Whether you are looking for a heart-pounding bounce or a relaxing break from the sun, this inflatable will suit any need.

best bouncy castle for infants View on Amazon

With a basketball hoop on the jumping area, this bounce house will provide hours of fun for young children as they bounce around. There is also an amazing slide which kiddos will love climbing up and sliding down.

Are you looking for more excitement? There is a mesh pocket that can hold small items like toys, shoes, hair bands, and more.

The bottom line is that this is an easy way to make your event fun!

Plus, the jumping area is protected by three mesh sides. So, even the youngest of kids can have fun without the fear of falling off.

Moreover, the 9.2 x 7.5 x 7 feet size means there is plenty of play area for multiple kids. It can hold 2 kids, which is great for more fun and socializing.

This inflatable bouncer will surely be a hit at any family get-together or backyard party.


50% extra thickness for safety

Built-in basketball hoop for more fun

Integrated mesh storage pocket

Powerful and safe blower


X Included storage bag is quite small

10. AirMyFun Inflatable Bounce House Review

This AirMyFun Jump and Slide Bounce Castle is an exciting, interactive addition to any birthday party. It is a great way for kids to let loose and have fun while being active.

best bouncy castle for infants View on Amazon

The bounce castle features bright colors on all sides that really pop in the sun. With a slide attached, this bounce house can also double as a party favor!

It is everything your kids want in one place: the best bounce house with a slide and a bounce area.

This inflatable also has a safety enclosure that will keep them safe during their playtime. Plus, the bounce area is big enough for 4 children to play at once, so they will not feel lonely.

Not only is it for outdoor use, but you can also take advantage of its versatility by inflating it indoors too.

This slide bounce house is 8.53 x 6.23 x 5.57 feet when inflated and holds up to 400 pounds. In addition, it has thick vinyl walls that can withstand kicks, punches, and even mild collisions. With such capacity, adults in the house are sure to find it entertaining as well.


Excellent capacity

Heavy-duty puncture proof material

Includes all accessories

Easy set up and takedown


X Small slide

11. Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer Review

What better way to help your kids’ imaginations run wild than with the Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle Bouncer? It is a castle! It is a bouncer! It is both!

best bouncy castle for infants View on Amazon

This bounce house is perfect for hours of playtime. With a soft inflatable floor and high walls, it provides a safe bouncing platform even for toddlers.

At 69 x 69 x 53 inches, it is the smallest on the list. Still, it has ample space to keep kids occupied all day long. In fact, it can hold 2 kids, meaning your little one will not go solo and lonely.

It does not have a slide like the others. Still, it has other fun features to offer. The four turrets, for example, are great for fostering the kids’ imaginations. It is just what your kids need for a pretend-play castle setting.

If you want your children to enjoy all the fun without taking up too much space, this bounce house is your best bet.


Compact size for small spaces

High inflatable walls for safety

Pool-grade vinyl for heavy use


X Blower sold separately

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Best Indoor Bounce House for Toddlers – Buying Guide

How do you choose a bounce house for toddlers? Well, when searching for the best indoor bounce house, consider the following:

1. Size

First, consider the size. Ensure it fits not only the available square footage of space but also the height. Also, bear in mind that you need to leave a clearance zone around the perimeter of the bounce house.

To avoid any guesswork, carefully measure the room or area where you plan to set up the bounce house. It can be in the nursery, living room, and basement.

2. Durability

Choose a bounce house that is notably sturdy and resistant to tearing. After all, you want a unit that will last more than a handful of uses.

To ensure it will last, look for a bounce house that has durable fabric. The best examples are nylon, vinyl, or PVC-coated fabric. Also, they need to have reinforced stitching.

3. Safety

The good thing is that most bounce houses are generally safe. However, you should check the weight capacity and the maximum number of kids that can jump simultaneously. Also, check the age limit before letting your little one jump in one.

4. Accessories

A good slide bounce house should come with accessories to save time and make your work easier.

Among the most popular accessories to look out for include a blower, storage bag, ground stakes, and patch repair kit. Most products on our list come with all these accessories.

How to Set Up an Indoor Bounce House for Toddlers


  • Large gymnastics mat/mattress
  • Air blower
  • Inflatable bounce


Step 1: Ensure the floor is flat and free of sharp objects

Step 2: Remove the fabric house and roll it out

Step 3: Connect the blowing machine to the inflation tube

Step 4: Plugin and switch the blower on to inflate the bounce house. Keep it switched on and attached to the bounce house for the entire play session.

Step 5: Provide a soft landing at the exit by placing a large mat on the floor


Action Air 9309Y Toddler Bounce House Slide and YARD 6207 Outdoor Indoor Bounce House Slide are the overall Best Indoor Bounce House for Toddlers.

These bounce houses show exceptional durability and safety to ensure a prolonged uninterrupted bounce activity and a 100% safe to prevent injuries even during vigorous bounces.

Picking the Best Indoor Bounce House for Toddlers requires you to watch out for durability, safety carefully, accessories included, and the overall size of the indoor bounce house.