11 Top Toys for Baby’s First Birthday in 2022

The best toys for baby’s first birthday plays such a huge role in helping the parents and family to mark up such an important milestone in the child’s life.

One year kids have transitioned from infants to toddlers, and they are already beginning to grow out of infant toys that only rattle, offer a soft chewing part, and crinkle. One year kids need toys that are stimulating.

toys for babys first birthday

Also, at this age, the kids tend to try to eat everything they find.  One year kids need toys to help them practice recognizing rhymes, speaking, pulling, and pushing things.

Considering the above factors, finding a suitable toy for a baby’s first birthday is a challenge. Fortunately, the below review focuses on the best toys for a baby’s first birthday.

Best Toys for Baby’s First Birthday Reviews

1. Overall best toys for a baby girl or boy first birthday – Sereed Balance Bike

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Sereed Balance Bike is one of the best toys for 1st birthday. The bike helps a one-year-old to learn basic motor skills like coordination, steering, and balance.

Also, the bike helps to increase the baby’s confidence, which is hard to improve using other less interesting toys. 

Sereed Balance Bike is personalized for toddlers, without pedals, to avoid hurting the baby’s legs. Besides, the closed wheel is wide and stable, ensuring no clamping on the kid’s legs. To prevent possible falls and injuries,

Sereed Balance Bike comes with 135 degrees maximum turning angle. 

Also, this balance bike features gravity steering, which ensures the baby can turn the bike without leaving the surface, preventing the kid from falling. Incorporating a non-slip EVA handle and carbon steel in the construction ensures this toy is sturdy, durable, and comfortable. 

Besides, Sereed Balance Bike wheels are non-slip, wear-resistant, and non-destructive to the floors, ensuring the toddler can ride the bike outdoors and indoors. 

The materials used in the construction of Sereed Balance Bike are non-toxic, BPA free and high-quality, ensuring the kid’s safety. However, the brand plastered on this toy bike makes it less aesthetic.


✅  Helps in improving the baby’s confidence

✅  The child can turn the bike safely without leaving the ground

✅  The anti-slip feature enables the child to ride the bike indoors and outdoors


X The toy bike label is less aesthetic

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2. Best sports center toy for baby’s first birthday – VTech Smart Shots

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VTech Smart Shots is a 2-in-1 sports center for basketball games with score goals and the kid’s net. VTech Smart Shots comes with an LED scoreboard for counting the baskets to 10.

The scoreboard is lightened up and animated, with encouraging phrases and sounds. 

The side lever helps to restart the scoreboard count after counting up to 10. The shape button allows the introduction of sounds, numbers, and shapes, enhancing the learning of a one year kid. 

Also, the over 50 phrases, sounds, and songs reduce repetitions, ensuring the toddler does not get bored. The combination of a basketball hoop and soccer ball for kicking ensures the toddlers develop motor skills and sporting interests. 

The balls are soft and a good size for 1-year-old tiny hands. However, after some playing time, the balls deflate and will need to be inflated again to prevent the baby from losing balance when stepping on them. 

Also, this toy operates using 3 AAA batteries, which are not included in the package when purchasing.


✅  The introduction of sounds and numbers enhances kids’ early learning

✅  With more than 50 phrases, repetition and boredom are minimal

✅  The presence of ball games makes the toddler get interested in sports


X Over time, the balls need to be inflated to enhance the baby’s balance

3. Best stacking toy for baby’s first birthday – Moomu Building Blocks

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Moomu Building Blocks are soft, and you do not have to worry about your 1-year-old getting hurt when stacking them.

The blocks ensure maximum quietness even when dropped on the floor by bouncing back a bit, which allows the children to use them even at night or when they are working. 

The construction materials used to make these building blocks are non-toxic, durable, and soft, making them suitable for teething.

The materials are free from BPA and environmentally friendly, which ensures the surrounding is not polluted. 

The blocks help introduce toddlers to five colors, including light orange, blue, green, purple, and pink. Also, Moomu Building Blocks helps develop the toddler’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills during the stacking process. 

Thanks to their heat-resistant design, if the toddler is chewing the blocks, you can sterilize them by immersing them in boiling water without damaging them. 

Moomu Building Blocks also features a storage chair which gives the kids a chance to learn how to tidy the toys. However, the 4.69 pounds weight is not ideal for a 1-year-old kid.


✅  With maximum quietness, the child can play the toy in the night without disruptions

✅  The toy is ideal for a teething baby

✅  Easily Sterilized


X The stacking toy is heavy for a 1-year toddler

4. Best dinosaur toy for 1st birthday – CubicFun Musical Dinosaur

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CubicFun Musical Dinosaur is a high-quality baby toy specifically designed for 1-year-olds, making it one of the best toys for babies’ first birthdays.

The musical toy features polished, smooth edges and burr-free, non-toxic materials, making them ideal for teething. 

The parts of the toy are large and unbreakable to prevent a choking hazard. The child cannot open the CubicFun Musical Dinosaur battery thanks to the screwed battery cases enhancing safety. 

The musical toy comes with six large colored buttons that are simple to press, assisting the child in fine motor skills development.

The ABC,123, animal names, shapes, and sound promotes the child’s interest in the toy and can play for an extended period without boredom.  

Also, the sounds motivate the child to start talking, enhancing the cognitive and language development process. With the waddling movement of the dinosaur and the soft lights, the child is motivated to start practicing crawling and walking. 

CubicFun Musical Dinosaur comes with a bump and can make the toy change direction when hit by an obstacle, developing the child’s spatial awareness.

The non-slip wheel enhances the baby’s safety by preventing slides while playing. However, sometimes the audio may stop working.


✅  The toy is large and unbreakable, avoiding the choking hazards

✅  With the musical sounds, the kids’ talking ability is enhanced

✅  The anti-slip feature protects the toddler from sliding when playing.


X Occasionally, the music audio can stop working

5. Best stuffed animals toys for babies first birthday – Vanmor Plush Stuffed Animal

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Vanmor Plush Stuffed Animal is a great Christmas gift that combines plush toys with a baby music player, using a soft plush material to make a vivid elephant image.

Vanmor Plush Stuffed Animal usually produces sound when you shake the body of the image animal or when you press the button. 

Also, on shaking the body, the toy lights up and simulates the kids’ laughter, further entertaining a 1-year-old kid. With a weight of 12 ounces and physical dimensions of 9.3  x 7.4 x 4.5 inches, this toy is compact and lightweight and a good fit for traveling. 

The texture of the material used to construct the elephant image is velvet fabric that is huggable and touchable, helping in the tactile development of the kid without skin irritation. 

A 1-year-old baby can also use this toy to exercise grip, learn and recognize varying sounds and music, and develop imagination, action, and cognitive skills. However, this toy requires two 1.5V batteries to operate, which are not included in the package when purchasing.


✅  The laughter simulation ability enhances the kid’s concentration when playing

✅  When traveling, the toy is lightweight enough to carry

✅  The toy assists the baby in exercising grip and cognitive skills


X The batteries required in the toy operation are not included in the package.

6. Best tent with play tunnel to get a baby for 1st birthday – PigPigPen Play Tent

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PigPigPen Play Tent is an ocean theme playhouse perfectly designed for kids aged 1 year.

The gift toy includes a kid’s tunnel tent, kids’ fort tent, and the kid’s ball pit, all of which function separately or together, allowing the kid to play for an extended period without boredom. 

The high-quality 190T soft polyester fabric makes the toy durable. The flexible padded construction and breathable mesh walls enable the kid to have an enjoyable playing experience without developing any breathing problems, enhancing their safety. 

The materials used in the construction of the play tent are non-toxic and environmentally friendly ensuring that the surrounding is not polluted. The kids’ fort tent is easy to fold-enhancing its convenience while storing in a carrying case. 

Your one-year-old can even play in the mid since a damp cloth perfectly cleans the fort tent. PigPigPen Play Tent acts as a playhouse enabling the kid to play and sleep while in the tent. 

The kid’s tunnel tent provides room for the kids to practice their hiding and crawling ability, developing their hand-leg coordination and gross motor skills. However, you should ensure you inflate the balls well to avoid the choking hazard


✅  The tunnel develops the kid’s hand-leg coordination

✅  With the play tent, the child can play and sleep in the tent safely

✅  The construction materials of the tent are sturdy, making the toy durable


X The balls can pose a choking hazard if not well inflated

7. Best Action Figure to buy for a 1st birthday baby – Super DC Heroes

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Super DC Heroes is a long-sleeved muscle-chest jumpsuit made of polyester, with an attached yellow belt, red cape, and boot tops on the toy’s legs, forming an action figure appealing to a 1-year-kid. 

With a weight of 10.6 ounces, this costume is lightweight enough for a 1-year-old, and you can carry it even in your car when traveling. Also, the exterior dimension of 17 x 12 x 2 inches ensures compactness and ease of storage when not in use. 

Without sponges, Super DC Heroes is breathable, and your child will be comfortable without the suffocating heat. The stitching is high-quality, making Super DC Heroes impressively durable and reliable even after many washes. 

However, the firm abdomen and chest material might inconvenience your kid when trying to sit because of the inflexibility.


✅  The toy is lightweight enough for a 1-year-old kid

✅  The child can comfortably play with the toy without suffocating


X The inflexibility can inconvenience the kid when trying to sit

8. What to get a baby girl for 1st birthday – Tikolus Pop-UP Tent

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Tikolus Pop Up Tent is a safe and comfortable professional toy for girls from 1 year to 3 years. Tikolus Pop Up Tent package includes mesh windows, LED star lights, a roller curtain, a door, and a removable sunroof. 

The tent construction consists of anti-scratch velcro, which ensures the safety of the kids when playing. Although there are no balls included in the kid’s ball pit, you can use more than 100 pit balls.

With dimensions of 49.3 x 49.3 x 36.3 inches, this toy is suitable for outdoor play. 

Tikolus Pop Up Tent ensures ease of storage when not in use, thanks to the compact folded size dimensions of 20 x 13.4 x 1.2 inches. Also, the zipper bag included in the package is lightweight and convenient for carrying this tent when traveling or storing. 

Tikolus Pop Up Tent ensures set-up convenience through the instant pop-up function, eliminating the complicated and tedious assembling process. However, you should confirm the kids are at a safe distance when popping up the tent to avoid hurting them. 

Simple wiping easily cleans the thick polyester fabric used in the construction of the tent. Tikolus Pop Up Tent construction of hardened steel wires enclosed in solid stitched material improves the tent’s overall sturdiness and durability.


✅  The toy is lightweight and easy to store when not in use

✅  The pop-up function eliminates the tedious process of assembling the toy


X When popping up the tent, kids can be hurt if they are not at a safe distance

9. What to get a baby boy for 1st birthday – Toyventive Wooden Activity Cube

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Toyventive Wooden Activity Cube is a toddler activity cube fully packed with playing accessories ideal for a 1-year-old boy’s birthday gifts. 

The accessories include spinning gears, abacus, shape sorter, learning clock, wooden bead maze, board books, and stacking cups designed to develop the motor skills, math, and counting skills in a toddler. 

Also, these accessories help in developing the shape, pattern, and color recognition in an educational, interactive, and funny manner.

The bottom and top parts of the bead cube can be detached and separately played, giving the toddler varying playing experiences. 

The top part can flip over and fit in the box, ensuring convenience and ease when storing. Also, with 7.08 x 7.08 x 12.21 inches exterior dimensions, this toy is compact enough for carrying convenience. 

Toyventive Wooden Activity Cube features a construction of high-quality wood, which contributes to the impressive durability of this toy, allowing kids to use it for years without breaking.

The paint is water-based and non-toxic, ensuring the safety of the children when playing. 

However, the blocks can be a choking hazard, and you may need to keep them away when you are not actively monitoring the child.


✅  The accessories help in shape development and color recognition

✅  With the wooden materials in the construction, the toy is durable and unbreakable


X Parents supervision is required when playing

10. Best interactive playmat to get baby for the first birthday – Joyjoz Musical Mats

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Joyjoz Musical Mats rewards year-old toddler kicking and touching ability. The music toy includes two playing modes, a one-click mode with 9 music keys, 7 animal sounds, and the random-mode, which can play 9 melodies. 

Both modes are easy to play, adding more fun to the baby. With the 25 music sounds, the child can acquire music knowledge and play for a prolonged time without getting bored. 

Joyjoz musical mat’s build is non-toxic, anti-slip, and environmentally friendly, enhancing the surroundings’ cleanliness and ensuring the child’s safety. 

The floor piano mat allows children to express themselves and develop their brain, memory, confidence, creativity, and socialization, making Joyjoz Musical Mat a suitable gift for kids’ first birthday. 

The size of this music mat is 14.96 x 1.77 x 9.4 inches, making it easy to store and carry. Thanks to the 3 x AA batteries powering this toy, your child can listen to music outdoors or indoors.

However, sometimes the volume button fails to work.


✅  With a variety of musical sounds, the child gains music skills without getting bored

✅  The floor piano mat enables children to express themselves and develop socialization skills


X Occasionally, the volume buttons may stop working

11. Best astronaut toy for baby’s first birthday – Sumid Outer Space Exploration 

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Sumid Outer Space Exploration is an excellent space water toy bead that contains features such as 2 astronauts, 1 flying saucer, 20000 space water toy beads,1 set of space balls, 1 rocket, and a clip. 

The complete toy beads help develop the child’s imagination skills and ability to build something in reality.

Thanks to the toy bead space set, the child can use senses in exploring the outer enhancing brain development. 

Using a spoon or clip to grasp the toy beads assists them in exercising their hand-eye coordination and concentration. These astronaut toy beads are unbreakable and non-toxic, enhancing their safety and preventing choking hazards. 

Sumid Outer Space Exploration water toy beads are soft and slippery, giving the child a satisfying experience and the ability to focus on the lightweight sensation when playing. 

Plus, the humanized design and the color of the beads allow the child to play for a prolonged time without getting tired.


✅  The toy allows the kid to exercise grasping skills and hand-eye coordination

✅  With the soft and slippery texture, the kid acquires a satisfying experience while playing


X Lack of different beads color may lead to boredom

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Baby’s First Birthday Toys Buying Guide

Small Pieces

At the age of 1 year, children tend to chew and try to swallow anything they grasp. This behavior presents a choking hazard if the toy parts can fit in their mouths.

Therefore, when buying toys for a baby’s first birthday, ensure no small pieces or parts the baby can swallow.


Safety is one of the essential features to consider when purchasing the best toys for 1st birthday.

Ensure the toy you are buying is non-toxic, free from BPA, and without sharp edges that can cause bruises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do 1-Year-Old Kids Play With?

At one year, kids tend to play with stacking blocks, brightly colored balls, shape sorters, simple puzzles, pegboards, riding toys, and age-appropriate people or animal figures.

However, you should consider what your child seems to enjoy most and then buy the appropriate toy.

How Can a Toy Help a 1-Year-Old Toddler?

A toy can help a 1-year-old toddler develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and sound recognition skills.

These developments are because a child uses the toy to explore the world, cause and effect relationships, and object permanence, contributing to imagination, creativity, ideas, and critical thinking.


After reviewing many toys appropriate for a baby’s first birthday, Sereed Balance Bike and VTech Smart Shots are the Best Toys for Baby’s First Birthday and are standing out and excelling in all aspects.

These toys are exciting and engage a 1-year-old kid actively, improving the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sporting interests. 

Furthermore, the construction of these two toys uses non-toxic materials, which ensure the safety of the children when playing. The sturdy construction of these toys ensures durability, making them the best toys for a baby’s first birthday.