11 Best Children’s Garden Trampoline 2022

The best children’s garden trampoline should exhibit exceptional resistance to weather elements, including UV resistance against sunlight and Water and Rust resistance against moisture, dew, and rainfall.

Best Children’s Garden Trampoline

Also, the build of the trampoline should be sturdy to ensure perfect anchorage during windy periods or vigorous jumps outdoors.

However, there are many choices for garden trampolines for children, and picking the best can be tedious and confusing.

Our reviewers delved into the web to filter out over 156 eligible trampolines and provide you with well-written research for you to consume fast and make an informed decision for your child’s birthday.

Let’s dive right in…

Reviews for Best Children’s Garden Trampoline

1. Fashionsport Outfitters Safety Enclosure Trampoline Review


  • Frame size: 5 feet
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Number of springs: 36
  • Maximum load capacity: 220 pounds

Fashionsport Outfitters is an excellent trampoline that is specifically designed for use in outdoor conditions.

The trampoline comes with 36 rust-resistant galvanized springs, ensuring longevity even when exposed to moisture, dew or rainfall. 

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The 1.2 meters net and waterproof frame pad ensures the trampoline is elastic and durable, whether exposed to the rain or sun. Your child has an assurance of 100% safe jumping fun play without the risk of falling off. 

The build quality is sturdy and durable, thanks to the rust-resistant steel legs that enable this trampoline to withstand rainy seasons and winter as a garden trampoline.

Although the frames are made of steel, this trampoline weighs 38 pounds, which is lightweight enough and convenient to carry if you install a temporary trampoline when camping. 

The trampoline features a PVC jumping mat that is also waterproof, preventing the surface from soaking in water during winter and rainy seasons in your garden.

When it comes to assembly, you only need a hammer to fix the springs into the slots, and your kids will start outdoor fun making. 

With the W-shaped legs and the U-shaped screw, you reinforce the stability of the trampoline, making the base more solid and safer to withstand windy conditions.

However, the poll’s top parts don’t attach, and the kids may constantly pull them down, especially after realizing this weakness, potentially exposing them to the scorching sun.


✅ Durable steel build

✅ Lightweight for temporary set up


X The top part is easy to pull off, exposing kids to direct sunlight

2. VGMiu Outdoor Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Frame size: 5 feet 
  • Weight:  
  • Number of springs: 30
  • Maximum load capacity: 220 pounds

If you want a sturdy outdoor trampoline for toddlers that can withstand the harsh weather elements, then consider VGMiu Outdoor Toddler Trampoline.

The structure of this trampoline is made of rust-proof steel, which ensures the structure maintains its integrity even in snow and storm. 

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The 3 U-shape legs ensure the trampoline is stable enough for vigorous jumping even if your garden is sloppy or uneven. The straightforward assembling process makes this trampoline ideal for outdoor camping trips. 

In less than 10 minutes, you can bring down the protective net, remove the poles, pack them, and carry and assemble this trampoline in the new camping location. 

The PP-made jump pad is UV and wear-resistant and can withstand high pressure from vigorous jumps and harsh weather elements such as snow.

The safety enclosure ensures the kids can play safely in this trampoline even if the outdoor environment is unsuitable.


✅ Stable and suitable for use in windy conditions

✅ Can withstand harsh weather without compromising the structural integrity


X The 5 feet frame does not offer adequate playing area

3. JUMPZYLLA Recreational Enclosure Trampoline Review


  • Frame size: 10 feet 
  • Weight:  113 pounds
  • Number of springs: 64
  • Maximum load capacity: 330 pounds

JUMPZYLLA Recreational T is a good trampoline option for your child, especially if you live in windy places.

This trampoline is a perfect choice even for a garden with no windbreakers because the 4 legs increase stability, even when there is a strong wind. 

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The legs are powder-coated, offering protection to the trampoline against rust during rainy periods. The galvanized frame perfectly resists rust and corrosion for a long time all year round, such that your children can experience uninterrupted jumping sessions for a long time. 

The trampoline features a waterproof PVC spring, ensuring that water does not interfere with elasticity during the winter season in your garden.

The UV-resistant jumping mat is made from polyethylene which resists fading and yellowing the surface when exposed to outdoor dew. 

This way, the trampoline remains aesthetically impressive. The curved poles ensure the kids are not hit by the poles, preventing the risk of injuries.

The 14mm foam inside and a plastic ladder adds luxury, making climbing and playing on the trampoline easy and comfortable. 

However, the instructions on assembling the trampoline are unclear, making the assembling process complex and time-consuming, particularly on a non-level garden.


✅ Stable in areas with strong winds

✅ Waterproof springs enhance elasticity


X Difficult to assemble on non-level ground

4. SereneLife Trampoline Net Enclosure Review


  • Frame size:  10 feet
  • Weight: not included
  • Number of springs: Not included
  • Maximum load capacity:  352 pounds

SereneLife Trampoline is a perfect choice for an outdoor trampoline for your kids and teens.

The trampoline is sturdy due to the heavy-duty galvanized metal frame specifically designed for tough garden conditions. 

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The galvanized metal frame is temperature resistant and can withstand piles of winter ice or snow or other harsh weather conditions, making it convenient for use throughout the year.

Your child can enjoy rough play even during the hot seasons when the material feels weak without breaking the trampoline. 

Serenelife kids’ trampoline has the modern design of L-shaped feet, protecting your trampoline against the forces of nature such as strong winds. 

In addition to L-shaped feet, the 10 feet frame size offers extra strength and stability even on uneven grounds, making your backyard trampoline safer for your kids and teens to jump in. 

The jumping mat is reinforced with polypropylene which possesses good fatigue resistance, in that children can have long uninterrupted jumping sessions without getting tired even in hot weather. 

Polypropylene has a relatively high friction coefficient, ensuring that the jumpers do not slide even after high pressure on the mat in wet conditions.


✅ The metal frame is resistant to high and low temperatures

✅ Sturdy and durable feet


X None

5. Zupapa Outdoor Backyard Trampoline Review


  • Frame size:  8 feet
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Number of springs: 48
  • Maximum load capacity: 375 pounds

Zupapa Backyard trampoline features a hot-dip galvanizing technology to make the trampoline frame sturdy and durable even in extreme weather conditions.

The trampoline has W-shaped legs and two steel joints, offering a strong base for the entire trampoline even when the ground is uneven. 

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Your child can then play stress-free without the fear of tipping over. With 3 pieces of wind stakes, the trampoline remains standing still even when there is a storm in the garden.

The trampoline features 5.5 inches galvanized springs for increased bouncy, enhancing rough outdoor play, and fun making for construction. 

The anti- UV jumping mat is made with a polypropylene material resisting fading even in the hot sun. The steel frame tubes are 1.5mm thick, ensuring that the trampoline is sturdier, even when subjected to extreme outdoor weather conditions. 

The trampoline features the no-gap design, thanks to the spring cover and the jumping mat being excellently sewn together, avoiding the hazards of feet getting caught in the gaps of the garden trampoline, especially during the rainy season when the feet are slippery. 


✅ Has a strong and stable base

✅ Resists fading and rusting


X None

6. Kangaroo Hoppers Safety Enclosure Trampoline Review


  • Frame size: 12 feet 
  • Weight: Not included
  • Number of springs: Not included 
  • Maximum load capacity: 375 pounds

Kangaroo hoppers come with a ladder, Safety pad, basketball, an installation kit, and a  basketball hoop.

The jumping mat is made of polypropylene which is very resistant to moisture, prolonging the lifespan of an outdoor trampoline while preventing the deterioration caused by water, flood, or humidity. 

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Thanks to the galvanized steel frame, the trampoline is stable and durable, which can withstand dew for years.

The steel used in the construction perfectly resists rust and corrosion during winter, ensuring that the garden trampoline won’t break down under extreme weather elements. 

Kangaroo Hopper’s trampoline ladder is constructed with UV resistance to ensure that it withstands even the toughest sun rays, enhancing the trampoline reliability in a garden backyard. 

A round trampoline net is installed to ensure the kids’ safety even when they are jumping vigorously. The trampoline safety pad completely covers the frame to ensure that kids’ feet or fingers do not stick on the band. 

The kid can jump anywhere on the mat without getting injuries, thanks to the soft pads. While jumping on the trampoline, kids can exercise their basketball shooting techniques due to the large play area. 

However, the assembly instructions are unclear, confusing the assembly process, especially when assembling the trampoline on uneven ground. 


✅ Durable steel build

✅ Reliable and UV resistant


X The assembling instructions are ot clear on uneven gardens

7. CalmMax Jump Recreational Trampoline Review


  • Frame size:  8 feet
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Number of springs: Not included
  • Maximum load capacity: 398 lbs 

CalmMax Recreational Trampoline has a safety enclosure net that enhances usability in outdoor conditions.

The trampoline uses polypropylene, which has high flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature and height of 6 feet, making it an excellent choice for an outdoor garden trampoline. 

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CalmMax trampoline is made of a heavy-duty steel frame, which enhances the sturdiness and durability of the trampoline during harsh weather conditions in the outdoor backyard. 

The trampoline is galvanized in and out with a hard-to-wear zinc coating, increasing the lifespan regardless of the water and other outdoor elements that can cause corrosion. 

The safety net enclosure features an anti- UV resistant coating protecting your trampoline from fading and yellowing at the surface, irrespective of how harsh the rays from the sun are.

Also, the trampoline comes with a heavy galvanized spring, offering a lot of bounce to the kids even during outdoor vigorous jumping sessions. 


✅ Durable and sturdy in harsh weather conditions

✅ Has a zinc coating


X None

8. JINS&VICO Upgraded Trampoline Review


  • Frame size: 14 feet
  • Weight: Not included 
  • Number of springs: 80 
  • Maximum load capacity: 760 pounds

JINS&VICO Trampoline is a perfect choice of outdoor trampoline for your child.

The trampoline is sturdy and durable because of the galvanized steel frame that ensures that the trampoline will not crack or shrink when subjected to harsh weather in your garden. 

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The powder-coated technology used in this frame makes the trampoline resistant to rust even when subjected to wet weather outdoors.

With 80 heavy-duty galvanized springs and a net height of 5.74 feet, the trampoline has perfect elasticity, creating more fun for the children. 

Every spring features an anti-rust coating for superior durability and is 100% corrosion-proof. The trampoline has a thick PE pad that is waterproof, making it retain its high quality irrespective of the weather conditions. 

Also, the foam padding gives the children 100% assurance of safety even when jumping on the pad.

The trampoline is an excellent choice for a garden without windbreakers due to the presence of 4 balance bars and W-shaped legs, making the trampoline stronger and more stable. 

The safety enclosure net is made of UV polyethylene resistant to tearing and fading even in the hot scorching sun. The presence of a latch clip closure system and a zipper enhances the kids’ safety while jumping. 

However, threading the rope all around the net bottom is time-consuming, which may inconvenience you when camping.


✅ Has balance bars for stability

✅ Enclosure net is polyethylene build


X Assembling the trampoline is time-consuming

9. Annzoe Mini Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Frame size:  5 feet
  • Weight: 14.4 pounds 
  • Number of springs: Not included
  • Maximum load capacity: Not included 

Annzoe mini trampoline is a high-quality trampoline that is constructed with extreme outdoor weather conditions in mind.

The trampoline is stronger and more stable because of the steel tube frames, which have a tensile strength of 58000 PSI, enhancing stability and sturdiness even on uneven gardens. 

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The steel tube undergoes deep galvanizing for excellent resistance to shrinking, bending, wear and tear that results from rust and corrosion when exposed to outdoor wet conditions.

Your child can then get entertained by jumping higher vigorously without the fear of breaking this steel trampoline. 

The thick PVC spring is rust-resistant and has a premium elasticity and non-deformation, making the trampoline durable.

The jumping mat is made of polypropylene resistant to moisture and UV, making the trampoline ideal for a garden playground during harsh weather. 

The trampoline features 6-foam safety bars with an enclosure net to offer a firm grip with reduced chances of sliding off the bar, even on wet feet. Your child is therefore protected from vigorous exercise and extended jumping hours. 

The most important benefit of this trampoline is that you can set up temporary outdoor jumping areas during holiday camping trips. However, if not well assembled, the trampoline may tip over, especially on uneven ground, causing injuries.


✅ Can Conveniently be used temporarily during camping 

✅ Has  foam safety bars


X If not well assembled on the non-level ground, there are higher chances of tipping over

10. Merax Outdoor Trampoline Review


  • Frame size:  12 feet
  • Weight: Not included
  • Number of springs: 72
  • Maximum load capacity: Not included

Merax Trampoline features a gap-free enclosing net, making this trampoline an excellent addition to your backyard. The trampoline comes with 72 strong springs, providing 100% assurance of a stable bounce to your child. 

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The many springs ensure a gentle impact, preventing painful tension on the kid’s joints and feet during prolonged sessions of vigorous jumping.

In terms of stability, the U-shaped legs are reinforced with 8 wind brakes to stabilize the trampoline when there are strong winds in the garden. 

The galvanized steel frame is resistant to tear, wear, corrosion, and dust, enhancing the trampoline’s durability regardless of the weather situations.

Also, the steel frame is reinforced with T- joints to assist in maintaining stability, especially on uneven grounds. 

The net has a UV-proof enclosure protecting the sensitive skin of children from strong sunlight when playing outdoors. 

Trampolines round edge is built to safeguard the children from any potential scratches and pinches. The 2-step ladder is sturdy, ensuring convenient and easy navigation on and off the trampoline without slipping even when the feet are wet. 


✅ Has wind brakes, offering extra stability

✅ Plenty springs for stable bounce


X None 

11. Tatub Recreational Trampoline Review 


  • Frame size:  16 feet
  • Weight: Not included
  • Number of springs: 108
  • Maximum load capacity: 220 pounds

Tatub trampoline comes with 108 pieces of high-strength tensile galvanized springs, specifically constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 

Also, to ensure that the trampoline achieves a high degree of elasticity for safe and comfortable jumping, this trampoline features high tensile springs that have passed over 20,000 tensile tests. 

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Also, the springs are galvanized to ensure they withstand outdoor moisture, rain, and humidity for years.

The trampoline features 6 U-shaped heavy-duty galvanized steel frames that are also resistant to corrosion and rust, enhancing the durability of the trampoline irrespective of the prevailing weather. 

The trampoline features bounce mats resistant to UV and can effectively withstand harsh outdoor rains and scorching sun. The 4-step ladder helps your kids to get in and out of the trampoline safely and quickly. 

Besides, their rust-resistant design enhances their overall reliability even in rainy seasons. The – gap enclosure with a 360- degrees safety net is properly attached around the jumping mat, minimizing the risk of falls even during rough play. 

However, one person cannot assemble, making this trampoline unsuitable for outdoor camping and trips.


✅ Has a 4- step ladder for easy trampoline navigation

✅ The no-gap design reduces the risk of injuries


X One person cannot assemble this trampoline

Selecting the Best Children’s Garden Trampoline

UV resistance

Sunlight in the garden area fades colors of your original trampoline, causes yellowing of white surfaces and reduces the overall aesthetic quality of your trampoline.

A UV-resistant jumping pad surface or enclosure net perfectly resists color degradation to maintain the aesthetic value of your trampoline and make it retain its newness as much as possible.

Safety Enclosure

The most significant advantage of the enclosure net is the high degree of safety offered to kids jumping in your backyard garden.

Gardens can have tools, hard earth, crops, and other hazards that pose critical risks to the health and peace of your kids.

An enclosure net shields your child from falling off the jumping mat onto the ground reducing the chance of injury even during falls or vigorous jumps.

Galvanized steel

Trampolines with galvanized steel resist rust and corrosion 800% more than steel that has not been galvanized.

Rust is unfriendly to trampolines for various reasons. One, rust browns the steel metal surfaces reducing the aesthetic value of your trampoline.

Two, rust significantly reduces the tightness of the contact with the enclosure net, compromising the trampoline’s safety. Three, rust reduces the metal bond structure, which reduces the stability of the overall structure of the trampoline.

Galvanized steel, therefore, increases the aesthetic value of the trampoline, heightens its safety, and maintains sturdiness and stability.

Dust resistant materials

Dust is bound to appear in your garden space from trees, plants, and the ground.

Having dust-resistant materials of the enclosure, net, jumping pad, and frame makes cleaning easy.

My Final Thoughts

Fashionsport Outfitters Safety Enclosure Trampoline and VGMiu Outdoor Toddler Trampoline are the overall Best Children’s Garden Trampoline.

The two trampolines offer excellent resistance to moisture, dew, rainfall, and weather elements while remaining sturdy and strong for vigorous jumps.

Also, these trampolines offer 100% jumping safety for your children, even during vigorous jumps.

When buying garden trampolines for your child, consider UV resistance, safety, galvanized steel surfaces, and dust resistance.

This way, you will end up with a durable trampoline without uninterrupted jumping activity or loss of aesthetic value.