9 Best Toys for Hand-Eye Coordination for Babies in 2022

The Best Toys for Hand-Eye Coordination play a critical role in facilitating the harmony between hand and eye movements as your child develops.

Hand-eye coordination involves the toddler’s ability to move the muscles in a coordinated manner regarding what the eyes are seeing. Activities like squeezing, pinching, holding, and grasping can improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination.

Best Toys for Hand-Eye Coordination for Babies

Many items, activities, and environments can improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

However, today’s article looks at the best toys for hand-eye coordination to help you achieve perfect hand-eye coordination significantly quicker.

Before the reviews of our top picks, why does your child need to learn and perfect hand-eye coordination?

Benefits of Developing Fine Hand-Eye Coordination

Improves Reaction Time

When the hand-eye coordination of a child is improved, the reaction time of a child also increases.

Therefore, the child responds faster in sports, taking timed tests, and copying notes.

Increases Productivity

Hand-eye coordination also helps to improve a kid’s brain and movement, which contributes to improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These motor skills also help the child to retain information and multitask.

Improves Academic Performance

The vision system contributes a significant part to learning. When kids have improved hand-eye coordination, they master the skill of visualizing, and visual perception is significantly improved, and ultimately the academic performance.

Hand-Eye Coordination Toys Reviews

1. Best hand-eye coordination toys for 6 months old – Mobi Wigloo

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Mobi Wigloo is a perfect fit for brain development, with the design focusing on keeping the baby happy for hours.

Although a 6-month toddler is delicate, and many toys can be risky for that age, the Mobi Wigloo consists of food-grade materials without latex, Phthalate, or BPA.

The interesting features of this toy include the multi-size poppers, grip points, and multiple stimulation points. 

The combination of many functions helps in keeping the baby interested without getting used to a particular function. Using these varying functions, you can even use Mobi Wigloo to introduce your toddler to educational and learning skills. 

Plus, the general focus of the design implemented in the Mobi Wigloo is encouraging the toddler to use imagination rather than technology, which helps gain the required social skills and hand-eye coordination. 

With just 5.9 ounces, this hand-eye coordination toy is lightweight enough and suitable for a 6-month baby. Also, the exterior dimension of 9.13 x 6.61 x 5.47 inches is compact enough for hassle-free storage. 

However, Mobi Wigloo is not the best teething toy for a toddler because the silicone material used in construction keeps collecting dirt, hair, and lint.


Using Mobi Wigloo, the toddler can acquire social skills and hand-eye coordination at the early age of 6 months.

The lightweight nature of Mobi Wigloo allows a 6-month-old toddler to play comfortably

Multi-size poppers maintain the baby’s interest in the toy.


X The construction makes this toy unsuitable for a teething toddler.

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2. Best hand-eye coordination toys for 1-year-old – Dreampark Wooden Toy

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To start with, Dreampark Wooden Toy features a high-quality wood build, which contributes to this toy’s impressive non-toxic, and environmentally friendly nature.

The durability and reliability are also significantly higher than many plastic toys, as the high-quality wood is more sturdy and durable than many plastics. 

With the use of water-based paint, you are rest assured the environment is safe. The smooth edges ensure your baby’s delicate skin will not hurt when playing.

The wooden base comes with varying column numbers with varying shapes, giving the baby a wide array of geometric shapes to pair. 

Usually, the baby will count the column holes and identify the shape, which trains the forebrain and significantly boosts hand-eye coordination.

Also, the set column and the blocks relationship helps improve the toddler’s judgments on the common matter and logical thinking ability. 

The child’s preliminary understanding of the colors is also improved because the geometric figures and colors vary. However, when bought new, this toy might have a slight smell, which disappears after a short ventilation period. 

Also, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth rather than washing it directly. With 6.7 ounces of weight, a 1-year-old can play with this toy for an extended period without exhaustion. 

With the exterior dimensions of 11.93 x 2.87 x 2.4 inches, the Dreampark Wooden Toy is appealingly compact and easy to carry and store.


The construction materials used to construct Dreampark Wooden Toy are environmentally friendly and durable and can serve the child for years without breaking

The toy trains the baby’s forebrain, boosting hand-eye coordination.

The compact and lightweight nature makes Dreampark Wooden Toy ideal for a prolonged time of playing.


X Due to its smell when bought new, it may not be attractive to the baby.

3. Best hand to eye skills toys for 12-18 months old –  Buckle Buster Square

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Buckle Buster Square is a hand-eye coordination toy specifically designed to improve babies’ motor skills and problem-solving skills from 12 months to around 18 months. 

Buckle Buster Square features a zipper glide pocket and decorated shapes and numbers, which helps engage the child for a prolonged time without getting bored.

You can also use this toy to teach your kid math and counting using these shapes and numbers. 

The bright-colored and playful buckles and straps that are colored further capture the child’s attention. The 6.5 x 3 x 6.5 inches travel size is ideal for a 1-year child with tiny hands.

Also, this size is perfect for clipping on the chair, car seat, shopping cart, or trolley. 

The 3.45 ounces weight is also lightweight and suitable for 1-year-olds. Although the plastic used in construction may look cheap, Buckle Buster Square is sturdy and durable and can last for years without ripping or breaking. 

However, adult supervision is required during unbuckling to prevent the risk of a pinched finger. Buckle Buster Square is one of the few toys you can bring into a waiting room, a restaurant, or carry in a car during a long journey because the toy is noise-free.


The noise-free nature makes Buckle Buster Square a handy toy when traveling

The shapes and numbers enable the child to learn math and counting.

The decorated shapes help maintain the kid’s concentration without boredom.


X To prevent injuries when unbuckling, adult supervision is required.

4. Best toy to improve hand to eye skills 3-year-old – Coogam Toddler Motor Skill

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Coogam Toddler Motor Skill is one of the toys that come packed with all the necessary features that can capture a 3 year old for an extended time without boredom.

The package includes a tweezer, 7 cute little bees, a storage box, and a beehive, all designed to attract a child. 

The child can perfectly coordinate hand-eye movements by putting bees in the hive by grabbing them by their wings. Bees of the same color should be put back in the same hive. 

Developmental practice improves the child’s sensory stimulation while enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Besides, the child can learn colors and counting skills through the matching activities and bee counting, which helps to stimulate the brain and improve the child’s mathematical concepts. 

The wood used in construction is non-toxic and eco-friendly, ensuring the safety of the children as they play. The curved and sanded woodblock ensures your child’s delicate skin will not get hurt by rough surfaces or sharp edges. 

Although grasped with tweezers, the bee’s felt wings stay put over the years. The tweezers used in bee holding also help to teach the tiny hands the necessary grasping skills.

The wooden bee body that is well rounded and painted ensures the child can grasp with the tweezer without problems. 

However, the child cannot liftback and continue putting back the bees if this toy falls.


Putting back the bees in the hive improves the kid’s sensory stimulation.

The matching activities help the child learn many concepts in mathematics and counting

The bee holding activity using the tweezers helps the child learn grasping skills as well as scissor skills.


X Once Coogam Toddler Motor Skill falls, the kid cannot lift it due to the heavyweight

5. Best hand-eye coordination toys for 4-year-olds – Melissa & Doug Latches

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Melissa & Doug Latches is an educational and entertaining toy that can help 4-year-old children improve their skills by navigating the latches snap, click, hook and slide.

The high-quality wood used in the construction makes Melissa & Doug Latches sturdy and durable. 

The safety is enhanced by sanding the solid wood, ensuring no bruises as the kids play. The fun surprises behind the windows and doors entertain the children, and they can play for hours without boredom. 

Melissa & Doug Latches help improve kids’ motor skills by discovering and counting animals, numbers, and vibrant colors.

There are no small parts that a kid can fit in the mouth or try to swallow, and the latches are well secured, which helps eliminate the choking hazards. 

However, the 2.3 pounds weight might hurt the kid’s foot if the kid tries to lift the toy unsuccessfully. Some latches are hard to unlock, which is an advantage because the kids will have something challenging to do as they get older.  

However, the hinges are a bit fragile and need a child who plays gently. Otherwise, they can break during a rough play.


Sanding the solid wood enhances the kid’s safety when playing.

Without small pieces that can fit in the child’s mouth, there are no dangers of choking

Unlocking some of the latches is not easy, giving the kid a challenging task in the future.


X In case the kid tries to lift it unsuccessfully, it may hurt the foot.

6. Best hand-eye coordination toys for 5-year-olds- Montessori Busy Board

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Montessori Busy Board is an educational toy that can help improve hand-eye coordination through the 16 assorted tasks it provides.

Apart from allowing the kids to explore, Montessori Busy Board enhances the parent-child interaction in the tasks. 

The construction of soft cotton felt material makes this toy flexible, soft, and durable. The board tools are securely fixed, and the material is chemicals-free, and they meet the CPSC certification requirements. 

During the play, the hand-eye coordination of 5-year-old kids is simultaneously improved through the cognitive and sensory skills they gradually obtain.

With a weight of 10.4 ounces, you can easily pack this toy when traveling, especially for long journeys on airplanes or cars. 

The compact dimension of 11 x 9 x 1.5 inches makes the Montessori Busy Board easy to store when the kids are not using it. The secret zipper compartment contains the 123 and ABC toy pieces for added fun and learning. 

The I SPY feature on the board enhances the parent-kid interaction by allowing you to point at an object and ask the child to say it after you.

However, the shapes are not separated into their bag, and sometimes they stick to the inside pocket fabric.


Montessori Busy Board promotes parent-kid interaction when playing.

The board pieces are securely fixed, enhancing the child’s safety.

When traveling for long hours, the toy is lightweight and can be carried in a car to keep the kid busy and entertained


X The shapes are inseparable in their bag and can stick in the pocket fabric.

7. Best hand-eye coordination toys for 7-year-olds- Special Supplies Sensory Fidget

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Special Supplies Sensory Fidget is a colorful and fun-filled sensory stimulator. This hand-eye coordination toy includes stretchy animal strings that let kids twist, pull, and stretch. 

Special Supplies Sensory Fidget improves hand-eye responsiveness and motor skills during the twisting, stretching, and pulling process, making the kids more active. 

Special Supplies Sensory Fidget comes in 12 strings that bear the animal heads and varying colors, including green, yellow, red, blue, purple, and orange. The silicone material used in constructing this toy is kid-safe and non-toxic, ensuring your 7-year-old kid is safe when playing. 

Also, Special Supplies Sensory Fidget is water-resistant, allowing the children to use it in any environment like dusty conditions and moist weather. 

Although Special Supplies Sensory Fidget is flexible and can be folded, the 1.64 pounds of weight is not ideal for carrying when traveling.

Special Supplies Fidget elastic strings are sturdy and durable, and kids can use them for years without breaking.


The construction of this toy is non-toxic, increasing the child’s safety when playing.

The Special Supplies Sensory Fidget is water-resistant, allowing the kids to play even in dusty and moist situations.

The construction is durable and sturdy, making this toy unbreakable 


X The heavy nature makes Special Supplies Sensory Fidget unsuitable for carrying when traveling.

8. Best hand-eye coordination toys for Down syndrome kids – Skoolzy Peg Board

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Skoolzy Peg Board is an excellent option for developing the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of a kid with Down syndrome.

Also, Skoolzy Peg Board educational games improve the development of visual perception skills and pattern making. 

Skoolzy Peg Board package includes 30 pegs that are 2 x 1.25 inches each, a double-sided pattern card which consists of 8 patterns, 1 foam pegboard that is 8 inches squared, all in 9 different colors. 

The oversize pegs are great manipulative pieces for tiny fingers to grasp and stack on the board comfortably.  The stacking on each gradually forms a tower, and in the process, help develop fine motor skills. 

One of the fantastic features of this hand-eye coordination toy for kids with Down syndrome is its washable properties, which allows you to wash and carry when traveling. Also, kids can use this toy for board games like the tic tac toe. 

The materials used in construction are Lead-free, BPA-free, Phthalates-free, and non-toxic. With 4.8 ounces of weight only, Skoolzy Peg Board is impressively lightweight and ideal for toddlers of any age. 

The dimensions of 8.4 x 5.7 x 2 inches are also impressively compact and suitable for storage when not in use. However, this package does not include a storage case.


Skoolzy Peg Board is easy to wash and carry when traveling.

Skoolzy Peg Board compactness enhances playing convenience for toddlers of any age

The pegs are large for small hands to grasp and stack on board comfortably.


X The package does not include a storage case.

9. Best hand-eye coordination toys for Autistic Child- Enthur Fidget

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Enthur Fidget is made of custom formulated materials that are high-quality, BPA-free, latex-free, Phthalates-free, and non-toxic, ensuring the kids are safe. The package includes 12 stretchy strings of about 11 inches each, in 6 different colors. 

The stretchy strings can create varying shapes, letters, numbers, and patterns. The pattern’s creation helps to improve the kid’s imagination and creativity and learn colors. 

The strings can stretch from the standard length of 8 inches to 10 inches to resist pinching, pounding, pulling, and squeezing. The toddlers can also use stretchy strings to enhance their muscle strength. 

However, the stretchy strings should not be used to restrict blood flow or wrapped around the neck. The 10.8 ounces of weight are ideal for kids of any age.

Although the dimensions of 10.08 x 6.18 x 1.77 inches may seem large, the Enthur Fidget is flexible and foldable when you want to store it. 

Like giant worms, the stretchy strings are not sticky and do not retain the shape the kid may bend. Although on one end, the Enthur Fidget feels hollow, and on the other end feels solid. The toy cannot be used for teething or chewing.


The creation of patterns improves the kids’ creativity and imagination

The stretchy strings enhance the muscle strength of the toddlers

Enthur Fidget flexible and foldable design enhances storage when not in use


X The stretchy strings are risky if wrapped on the neck, for it restricts blood flow

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What to Consider when buying a hand-eye coordination toy


You need to look for a toy your child can grasp comfortably and pick up quickly.

Also, consider the toy’s weight depending on the child’s age to prevent cases of the toy falling and hurting the toes. 

If you want a toy that many children can play with simultaneously, ensure you consider their overall weight if maximum load capacity is indicated on the toy.

Small manipulative pieces

Look for toys that have small pieces that the toddler can manipulate and exploit the different parts.

This way, the kid starts to imagine and gets creative while improving their motor skills. However, you should ensure the pieces cannot get lost or break easily in a rough play.


Safety is one feature that you don’t want to forget when purchasing a hand-eye coordination toy. Depending on the child’s age, avoid toys with small pieces that can fit in the kid’s mouth to prevent choking hazards.

Also, look for toys that are constructed using non-toxic materials such as wood and silicone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five motor skills?

The five motor skills a child can obtain when playing with hand-eye coordination toys include pencil skills, construction skills, self-care skills, scissor skills, and IT skills.

Unlike a kid’s standard skills, the above motor skills can only be learned through daily practice.

Is holding something a fine motor skill?

Holding something is a fine motor skill because the definition of a fine motor skill is any motion or action a kid makes utilizing the small muscles in the fingers, wrists, or hands.

The actions may include tying shoes, dressing, grasping a toy, eating, or holding a pencil.



Mobi Wigloo and Dreampark Wooden Toy are the overall best toys for Hand-Eye Coordination for Babies. These 2 bay toys are engaging and ideal for brain development and honing fine motor skills.

The 2 toys are also well but durable, giving your child the best-uninterrupted experience.

Hand-eye coordination helps your children achieve milestones like performing basic tasks such as dressing and feeding themselves.

Although you may want to promote your child’s motor skills with a hand-eye coordination toy, the many options in the market might confuse you.

Any of the above-hand eye coordination toys will help your child achieve these milestones.