6 Best Indoor Trampoline For Autism 2022

The Best Indoor Trampoline For Autism should exhibit exceptional durability and show 100% safety in each jumping session.

Also, trampolines for autistic children should allow for easy installation, uninstallation, folding, and transport to fit well within the indoor space.

However, there are thousands of indoor trampolines, and finding the best indoor trampoline to fit the needs of your autistic child can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming.

Today, we present to you well-researched quantitative research of 6 indoor trampolines whose features serve to fulfill the needs of your autistic child.

Let’s dive in . . .

Reviews for the best indoor trampoline for an autistic child

1. BCAN 36” Mini Foldable Trampoline


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Foam
  • Diameter: 36”
  • Age Limit: 3 to 6 years

BCAN Mini Trampoline is an excellent choice for an indoor trampoline for your autistic child.

The trampoline is durable and sturdy due to the heavy-duty steel tubes. The steel featured here has a high tensile strength of 58,000 PSI that excellently resists wearing, tear, and bedding.

Your autistic child can thus enjoy vigorous jumping sessions without breaking, bending, or scratching the steel build.

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The safety pad cover is well-engineered to ensure that the toes and fingers of your autistic child do not stick to the bands.

Your autistic child can thus jump and land on any area of the jumping mat without the risk of injury.

The thick handle foam of the trampoline serves two functions. On the one hand, the thick handle serves as a wide enough handle for a firm grip with a low risk of skidding or sliding off the handlebar.

On the other hand, the soft foam ensures your autistic child can withstand the friction between their palm and the handlebar.

While other trampolines have the handlebars bear without a protective foam surface, BCAN Mini Trampoline employs this soft foam to protect your autistic child from extended and vigorous jumping sessions.

The jumping mat features an anti-slip rubber mat. The Coefficient of Friction (CoF) between Rubber and most materials is high and close to 1.

This way, a rubber-skin contact or rubber-shoes sole contact withstands a higher pressure, force, and vigor without slipping. In the end, your autistic child has a 0% chance of sliding while playing.

The most significant advantage of having this trampoline indoors is its foldability. A folding trampoline allows you to set up temporary jumping areas in the house and makes storage and transport of the trampoline easy in the car, shelf, etc.


✅ It has a durable steel build.

✅ It has a well-engineered safety cover.

✅ It has a thick foam handlebar.

✅ It is a foldable trampoline for convenient storage and transport.


X None

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2. CLORIS 38″ Trampoline for Kids


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Foam
  • Diameter: 38”
  • Age Limit: 3 to 14 years
  • Maximum Weight: 300 pounds

CLORIS 38″ Trampoline is an esthetically appealing trampoline to improve the color recognition of your autistic child and stimulate them to raise their spirit and confidence.

The trampoline features bright colors setting itself apart from the competition, which usually uses muted and pastel colors.

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The rebounding surface is a highly durable surface capable of many jumps with varying degrees of vigor without wearing or tearing under normal conditions.

One of the key advantages of a 100% safe indoor trampoline is the 24 strong and elastic tension bands. There is utmost coordination in the execution of every jumping, landing, and even rebounding.

CLORIS 38″ Trampoline is detachable and foldable. The trampoline legs conveniently detach from the jumping surface to significantly reduce bulkiness during storage and transport. Also, the trampoline’s lightweight makes organizing your indoor space easy.

The unique feature here is the adjustability of the padded handlebar between 32.6” to 40.5”. This way, your autistic child gets to enjoy the fun session regardless of their height.

This feature is advantageous to parents with several children of a different height or even uninterrupted fun jumping sessions as your autistic child grows.

CLORIS 38″ Trampoline is 100% safe since it does not employ spring rebounders but uses soft springless and elastic rebounders to ensure a safe gameplay.

Also, the all-around covering shelters the elastic bands, ensuring your autistic children do not experience picked fingers and toes and other injuries.

The CLORIS 38″ Trampoline installation is super easy even indoors; the bands come looped around the frame; hence, the elastic band trampoline requires little setup. However, you need to stick to the instructions provided to the last letter.


✅ It is aesthetically appealing.

✅ It has a highly durable jumping surface.

✅ It has 100% safe bands.

✅ It is lightweight.

✅ It has an adjustable handlebar.

✅ It has an easy installation.


X Adult supervision required for young toddlers

3. PAGLE Trampoline for Kids and Adults 60 Inch


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Foam
  • Diameter: 60”
  • Age Limit: 3 to 14 years
  • Maximum Weight: 550 pounds

PAGLE Trampoline has adequate space for the jumping session of the toddlers and parents. Also, the 550 pounds maximum weight limit favors the parent and autistic child’s fun play.

Instead of watching your autistic child play alone and act as a spectator, you can use the trampoline to form a close bond and show them jumping skills to develop their skills.

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There is no feeling of feeling restrained. The autistic child enjoys jumping around the trampoline while appreciating spatial recognition skills and exposure to various activities in the 60” wide playmat.

The trampoline features a durable and elastic webbing that assures uninterrupted and safe jumping sessions regardless of vigor. The soft padding reduces the risk for injury on your toddler’s hands, feet, ankles, and fingers.

The trampoline has 6-foot tubes that play a significant role in creating stability for your trampoline.

While other trampolines only feature 4 and 5 feet, this trampoline is different from the competition by offering a 6-feet base that reduces the risk of toppling even when an autistic, autistic child leans on the poles or enclosure net.

The most significant innovative technology to ensure a highly stable and non-slip trampoline is the suction cup beneath the feet.

These suction cups play 2 huge roles. One, they enable a non-slip surface even on smooth surfaces to ensure your autistic child is safe at all times. Two, the suction cups are 100% more friendly on floors without the risk of scratching or denting floors. 

PAGLE Trampoline is foldable, making it easy to install, uninstall, store, and transport. This way, you can set up a temporary jumping station within minutes or pack your trip gear quickly in the storage rack of your storehouse or the roof box of your car.

PAGLE Trampoline is excellent in vigorous all-body exercise and effective body calorie burning, including strength, balance, stamina, and coordination.


✅ It has rubber suction feet to prevent scratching and denting indoor floor surfaces

✅ It has a wide jumping surface and withstands heavier weight for both parents and autistic children.

✅ It has 6 feet for added stability instead of the regular 5.

✅ It is easy to install, uninstall, fold, store, and transport


X Its pole tops come off quickly.

X It is hard for adults to access the inside with the net installed.

4. BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polypropene
  • Diameter: 38”
  • Maximum Weight: 300 pounds

BCAN Trampoline features thickened 3mm springs. The high-strength stainless steel springs ensure high-quality jumps of the jumping mat with a creative rebound.

Also, the durability of the springs allows for over 3,000 continuous jumps. BCAN is one of the strongest trampolines for vigorous jumps by multiple users in relation to its maximum allowable weight.

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BCAN Trampoline is portable and foldable. The trampoline folds to occupy 75% less storage and transport space.

Even if the trampoline lacks a storage rack, the extra space created in the jumping station after folding can serve a different purpose when kids are not jumping.

BCAN Trampoline features a 100% waterproof polypropylene playmat. Polypropylene absorbs less than 0.01% of its weight when thoroughly soaked in water for 24h. Therefore, cleaning the surface with soap and water is easy and does not damage the playmat surface.

BCAN Trampoline is 100% safe owing to the 360°Surround environmental protection cover PVC pad. Your autistic child’s fingers and toes are thus safe from getting stuck, and gameplay is at risk of injury.

The critical disadvantage here is the lack of a bar or safety net. Therefore, jumping sessions here require maximum adult supervision with parents holding young toddlers to ensure face rebounds.

Even for older toddlers, parents should watch the moves of their autistic children to ensure they jump within the limits of the playmat area.


✅ It features High quality thickened spring technology

✅ It is foldable and portable.

✅ It is 100% waterproof for easy cleaning with water and soap.

✅ It Features a safe 360 degrees PVC protection


X It lacks a safety net

X It lacks a handlebar

5. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net


  • Age Limit: 3-7 years
  • Jump area: 5-7 foot

Skywalker Trampoline is a 100% safe trampoline with a safety enclosure net.

The safety net encloses autistic children and small objects from rolling underneath, ensuring zero risks of injury when your autistic child is reaching out to a toy rolling underneath the trampoline.

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The enclosure net, sewn directly to the jump mat, eliminates gaps that stick fingers and toes.

Also, the enclosure net is made of high-quality polyethylene. Polyethylene net has a high ultimate tensile strength of between 1,100 PSI to 6,020 PSi which excellently resists tears during vigorous jumps and falls.

Also, polyethylene has a high effective flexural modulus of 80,000 to 160,000 PSI.

This measurement is responsible for the adequate elasticity to safely absorb shock from falls and reduce the pressure and impact, a feature that allows for injury-free play within the shelter of the safety net.

Skywalker Trampoline features a powder-coated steel frame build. Powder-coated steel is more eco-friendly than ordinary painted steel because it does not require harmful solvents and thus does not emit toxic odors, vapors, or fumes.

The unique advantage here is the assurance of high-quality indoor air without the risk of inhalation problems.

Skywalker Trampoline claims and proves a 100% certification with all ASTM standards ensuring top not durability and safety standard for fun gameplay.


✅ It has a high-quality polyethene safety net

✅ It has a powder-coated steel frame

✅ It complies with ASTM standards of safety and durability

✅ The net encloses even the bottom of the trampoline.


X The jumping surface causes a dark tint and stain on the back of a toddler’s feet and may require socks or shoes.

Also, a wash before using the trampoline plays a significant role in eliminating top surface dyers that did not bleed through the fabric.

6. iBase Mini Foldable Trampoline for Kids


✅ Material: Steel, Oxford cloth, Polyester

✅ Maximum weight:150 Pounds

✅ Age Limit: 3 and up

✅ Material: ABS Plastic

iBase Mini Trampoline features a durable foam-covered handlebar to ensure no blisters while performing heavy-duty and vigorous jumps. This way, the kids can retain their balance while jumping to prevent skidding and injury.

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The advantage here against the competition is the ease of assembly. Within ten minutes, you can install or uninstall the iBase Mini Trampoline to erect a jumping station for your autistic child.

Also, the foldability of the trampoline makes it easier to store, transport, and hand in the rack.  iBase Mini Trampoline folds to ¼ of its original space consumption, relieving 75% of its original storage space.

iBase Mini Trampoline features Anti-slip & Noiseless Rubber feet holders. The trampoline remains sturdy even during vigorous jumps and always silent to avoid distracting other indoor activities or around or downstairs.

iBase Mini Trampoline features a string ABS plastic build to ensure the utmost durability and lifelong jumping experiences. ABS plastic has a high strength of 4,100 PSI, adequate to resist corrosion, bending, scratching, and deforming.


✅ It has a soft and durable foam handlebar

✅ It has a quick installation process.

✅ It folds to occupy 75% less storage space than when erected.

✅ It features a sturdy ABS plastic build.


X It may require more than 2 hands or a muscle push to snap out the trampoline parts during assembly.

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Best Indoor Trampoline For Autism – Buying Guide

Extra Durability

Trampolines for an autistic child should be significantly durable. Your autistic child may be obsessed with the trampoline and may require to explore the trampoline by shaking and repetitive jumping intensely.

This way, the trampoline undergoes intense tests of its durability.

100% safety

While you want your autistic child to achieve the best jumping experience and gain balance and coordination skills, you also want them to have a safe experience.

These features contribute to the top-notch safety of your autistic child;

  • The presence of a safety enclosure net limits autistic child play activities while offering adequate shock absorption during falls and vigorous jumping sessions.
  • Whether spring or springless, a well-engineered elastic system plays a significant role in heightening the quality of the jump to ensure each jump and rebound is 100% safe for your autistic child.
  • A handlebar for the netless trampolines gives an anchor to pull up on and ensure stability and balance.
  • ASTM certification or any other safety and durability compliance assures parents that the trampolines they buy are high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a trampoline good for autism?

A trampoline is an excellent item for autism due to the balance and limb coordination offered by jumping. 

Also, trampolines provide a perfect way for your autistic child to burn energy that strengthens their muscles to promote a healthier child. However, the use of trampolines by autistic children requires maximum adult supervision.

My Final Thoughts

BCAN 36” Mini Foldable Trampoline and Skywalker Trampoline Enclosure Net are the overall best indoor trampoline for Autism from this review.

These trampolines offer exceptional durability of their build and a 100% safe jumping environment to ensure an uninterrupted gameplay session.

Selecting the best indoor trampoline for autistic children requires you to look for toys with 100% safety assurance and utmost durability.

This way, your autistic child can play without interruptions for a long time.