7 Best Enclosed Trampoline For Toddlers 2022 – InDepth Review

The best-enclosed trampoline for toddlers should offer a 100% safe environment for jumping, including elastic and durable netting.

Also, enclosed trampolines for toddlers should exhibit outstanding durability to withstand vigorous jumps.

Best Enclosed Trampoline For Toddlers

Finding a good trampoline for your child can be a daunting task. Trampoline enclosures are made of various materials, offer different elasticities, and enclosures are of different diameters and heights.

Today’s article presents 64 hours of work by our reviewers, editors, and samplemen here at BestToyLab to give a detailed analysis and in-depth review of our picks for the best-enclosed trampoline for toddlers.

Reviews for best toddler trampoline with enclosure

1. LANGXUN 60″ Trampoline for Kids


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polypropylene
  • Diameter: 60”
  • Age Limit: 1 – 7 years

LANGXUN 60″ Trampoline is a hexagonal trampoline with an enclosure net.

LANGXUN Trampoline has its enclosure seamless stitching to the jumping mat. This way, your toddlers have a 0% risk of getting their fingers stuck during jumping sessions.

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The enclosure here is 5ft high, which is adequate for kids to jump vigorously without the risk of ejection out of the jump area.

The galvanized steel frame is sturdy and is flanked by T-socket reinforcements to ensure a strong and stable trampoline. Galvanized steel takes between 10 to 100 years as the first time repair.

This way, the connection between the enclosure net and the steel frame remains secure for a long time, ensuring that this netting will never dislodge when your toddler leans on it or even during vigorous jumping sessions.

The enclosure net is made from high-quality polyethylene. Polyethene has a high density of 0.97 g/cm3. This high density is responsible for high impact resistance, ensuring that the enclosure safely guards your child against tearing or breaking.

The enclosure features a tight weave to ensure the fingers, toes, and nails will never get stuck in tiny spaces.

The polyethylene netting is also UV treated perfectly, resisting fading, yellowing, and other significant color changes during sunny conditions.

The 4-inch springs provide a superior bounce that enables safe rebounds. Each jumbo, therefore, succeeds through a well-engineered jumping mat surface.


✅ Its enclosure is UV treated.

✅ Its enclosure bonds to s sturdy and galvanized steel to prevent falling.

✅ Its enclosure is made of high-density polyethylene.

✅ Its enclosure features a tight weave to prevent injury.

✅ The spring technology is safe, premium, and durable.

✅ It has a basketball hoop for additional trampoline interaction


X None

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2. Lejump Pumpkin 10FT Trampolines with Enclosure Net and Ladder


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Foam
  • Height: 10 FT
  • Maximum weight: 300 pounds

LejumpPumpkin Trampoline features an extra-large jumping surface for your children.

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The heavy-duty galvanized steel reinforces the enclosure net to ensure firm support. The anti-rust feature ensures that the net and steel connection will never weaken, thus providing a long-lasting gameplay session.

One key advantage here that sets the trampoline apart from the competition is the TUV and ASTM certification. This claim and proof give assurance to the quality and safety of your child during jumping sessions.

The jumping mechanism is a 64 heavy-duty spring system that is rust and corrosion-resistant. These springs are fully covered by an innovative Velcro system that ensures 100% safety without the risk of injury during jumping sessions.

The enclosure bet features close 8-row stitching to ensure firmness and additional safety such that fingers and toes and their nails do not stick in the mesh.

The material of the enclosure is premium polypropylene. Polypropene has a high tensile strength of 4,800 PSI which is ideal to ensure no tearing of the safety enclosure regardless of jumping vigor or high use frequency.

Also, polypropylene has a high Modulus of elasticity ranging from 165,000 to 225,000 PSI. This measurement indicates the stretchability that the enclosure net can withstand.

Therefore, falling, leaning, and climbing on the enclosure netting is insignificant to the strength of the enclosure.

The enclosure netting is 100% waterproof and UV protected. The enclosure is thus easy to clean and withstand dew, moisture, and rainfall even when installed outdoors.

The high UV resistance maintains the color and aesthetic quality of the enclosure for a long time to resist fading, yellowing, and loss of color.


✅ Extra Large 10ft high enclosure capable of shielding any high jump maneuver

✅ Galvanized steel posts

✅ TUV and ASTM certification

✅ 8-row close stitching for dafty and durability

✅ Highly durable and elastic propylene enclosure net

✅ 100% waterproof and UV protected enclosure netting

✅ It has a convenient ladder to access the enclosure


X The small and tight springs significantly limit the rebound potential.

3. JumpTastic Trampoline for Kids, 55’’ Mini Trampoline 


  • Material: Steel, Foam
  • Height: 65”
  • Maximum weight: 100 pounds
  • Diameter: 55”

JumpTastic Trampoline is a trampoline with a safety enclosure but with a sturdy and heavy-duty steel frame.

The diameter of the poles is 25mm, which is 66% higher than the usual 15mm and below the thickness of the majority of poles for low-quality trampolines.

Also, the thickness of the steel tube is 1.2mm, which is 20% more than the usual 1.0mm thickness of many trampolines.

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On top of the thick steel build, are the W-shaped legs. This feet design significantly increases the area of contact between the trampoline and the ground, thus increasing the stability and reducing the risk of slipping and toppling over.

Also, the rubber feet of the vertical steel tubes ensure that jumping sessions remain quiet and neither dent nor scratch the floor surface.

The enclosure net excellently stitches with the playmat leaving no gaps. This lack of gaps ensures that the toes, fingers, nails, and toys do not stick to cause injuries.


✅ High-quality steel build; thick and wide tubes

✅ W-shaped legs for excellent stability

✅ Silent and anti-slip rubber feet


X A slightly complex assembly that can require more than 2 hands

4. Blanketown 7 FT Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net


  • Material: Steel, Foam
  • Total Height: 79”
  • Mesh Height: 62” 
  • Maximum weight: 110 pounds
  • Diameter: 84”

Blanketown features a galvanized steel build to ensure top-notch rust resistance. This way, you can schedule the first repair of the trampoline in 10+ years, meaning it will efficiently serve your kids’ jumping sessions for a long time.

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The unique advantage here is the widened and reinforced base. A sturdy base ensures that the mesh and the playmat stitch well without detaching while offering top-notch stability up to 110 pounds.

The jumping pad features a polypropylene build that is UV resistant to resist fading and discoloration. Also, the mat is 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and resisting moisture and rainfall.

The pad is also breathable for fresh fabric without odor and non-slip to ensure your child does not slide or skid during jumping sessions.

The trampoline features an innovative spring design that significantly improves the quality height and confronts roach jump to ensure your child lands safely.

The netting of the enclosure is made of high-quality and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HPDE excellently resists damage at freezing and outdoor summer temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees celsius) to ensure that your trampoline lasts for a long time.

The enclosure also features a seamless design eliminating any risk of fingers, toes, or nails getting stuck.


✅ It has top-notch rust resistance due to galvanized steel

✅ Its enclosure is made of high-density polyethylene

✅ Its enclosure is seamless 

✅ The jumping mat is waterproof, UV resistant, and employs innovative bounce technology for quality jumps.


X It is a small trampoline, and two 3-year-olds struggle to jump and play conveniently on the trampoline.

5. VGMu 60″ Trampoline for Kids


  • Material: Steel, Polypropylene
  • Total Height: 51”
  • Maximum weight: 220 pounds
  • Diameter: 60”

VGMiu Trampoline employs 2 suction cups on each of the three U-shaped legs to achieve maximum stability.

Also, the suctions cups play a considerable role in ensuring quiet jumping sessions and zero dents and scratches on the floor when installed indoors.

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The jump mat features high-quality propylene to withstand high pressure and impact, plus provides excellent elasticity.

The safety net features a 200% thicker layer which is 200% safer than a single layer binding of lower quality trampolines. Also, an enhanced double layer binding reinforcement of the top safety net makes it less prone to tearing or ripping.

This double stitching is also 200% safer for kids by excellently resisting the sticking of feet and fingers.

The safety net is made of high-quality polythene. Polyethylene has a high Modulus of elasticity ranging from 80,000 to 160,000 PSI. This measurement makes the safety net superbly elastic to withstand falls during vigorous jumps.

The trampoline includes a basketball hoop where children can capitalize on improving the interactiveness of the trampoline in addition to jumping and burning off energy.


✅ Highly stable U-shaped legs.

✅ It has ultra-quiet and scratch-free suction cups.

✅ It has a 200% thick double layer for safety and durability.

✅ It has a basketball hoop for additional interactiveness.


X Zipper Requires cautious zipping to avoid ripping it off

6. i-POOK 55 Inch Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net


  • Material: Steel
  • Total Height: 64”
  • Maximum weight: 120 pounds
  • Age Limit: 3-6 years
  • Diameter: 55”

i-POOK  Trampoline has an exposure net directly connected to the jumping pad. Therefore, your child is 100% safe from getting their toes, fingers, or foot stuck in the gap.

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One unique advantage here is the extensive nature of the enclosure net that perfectly seals the legs section and space underneath the trampoline.

Children cannot accidentally crawl below the trampoline as others jump, ensuring top-notch safety and a 100% guarantee of safe jumping sessions.

Heavy-duty galvanized steel perfectly resists rust and corrosion to ensure that the trampoline stands the test of rainfall, snow, dew, and moisture when installed outdoors.

The enclosure net has a 2 side zipper that makes entry and exit convenient.  The 2 side zipper, the built-in zipper is suitable for children to come in and out, and the outer zipper protects children in case the inside zipper is loose.


✅ It features a 2 side zipper for convenient entry and exit.

✅ The enclosure extends to the leg section to prevent any child from crawling beneath the trampoline as other kids jump.

✅ The Heavy-duty steel build ensures the trampoline lasts for a long time.

✅ Its enclosure net is directly sewed into the jumping pad, leaving no gaps.


X The trampoline features a slightly difficult assembly.

7. AOKCOS 48” Trampoline for Kids


  • Material: Steel
  • Total Height: 34.25”
  • Maximum weight: 220 pounds
  • Age Limit: 1-8 years
  • Diameter: 48”

AOKCOS trampoline features a durable and elastic spring design that excellently increases the quality of the jump while perfectly resisting corrosion and rust.

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The trampoline features a foam-covered handle that allows children to support it and control the jump. Also, the trampoline is soft enough to avoid blisters and injuries to the palm even during vigorous or many jumpings.

The net’s height is 24.9”; thus, your child is perfectly protected from injury and toppling over.

The trampoline features a high-quality zipper on the enclosure net top to conveniently enter or exit the jumping toy. 

AOKCOS Trampoline has an exposure net directly connected to the jumping pad. Therefore, your child is 100% safe from getting their toes, fingers, or foot stuck in the gap.


✅ It has a high-quality spring.

✅ It has foam covered handle.

✅ It has a high-quality zipper.

✅ Its exposure net is directly connected to the jumping pad.


X None

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Picking the best toddler trampoline with enclosure – Buying Guide

Elastic Netting

Elastic netting excellently absorbs shock, pressure, and impact during vigorous jumps. Elastic netting allows your child to lean, fall off and bounce from the enclosure without getting hurt.

Choose materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and more which have a high Modulus of Elasticity between 80,000 to 300,000 PSI.

Double Stitched netting

Double-stitched netting is 200% more durable and safe than single-stitch. This way, your netting can withstand a higher pressure per weight, thus accommodating more children or frequent use.

Durable Netting

Durable enclosures play a significant role in increasing the life of the trampoline.

A waterproof enclosure perfectly resists soaking in rainfall, dew, or snow and thus can be used outdoors in all seasons.

A UV-resistant enclosure resists fading and yellowing through exposure to sunlight, enabling your enclosure to remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

A tear-resistant enclosure ensures that ordinary and extraordinary jumping sessions do not rip off the build.

Tall vs. Short Enclosures

Depending on the height of your toddler, parents can go for a short or tall enclosure.

A general rule of thumb is to never let children play on a trampoline less than half their height. They can topple over or jump out of the trampoline.

Reinforced Enclosures

Reinforced enclosures can have a  bar to support the enclosure between the steel pipe or have double reinforced stitching to ensure the safety netting does not rip off when a child leans on the net.

Zipped Enclosures

Zipped enclosures allow for convenient entry and exit of the trampoline. While some trampolines require children to occupy the trampoline before or after installing the enclosure, zipped enclosures give better control of entering or exiting the trampoline.

Accessible Enclosures

It is beneficial if a trampoline offers a convenient way of accessing the trampoline. A convenient ladder with non-slip steps or a low-lying trampoline ensures that children will have an easy time accessing the trampoline.

Enclosure and Jumping Pad stitching

One unique advantage of having the enclosure directly sewn into the jumping pad is the lack of gaps that cause toes and fingers to get stuck, leading to injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for toddlers to jump on enclosed trampolines?

It is 100% safe and healthy for toddlers to jump on enclosed trampolines. The elastic enclosure absorbs shock and impact, making them ideal for falls and erred rebounds.

The high enclosures are adequately safe for kids of all heights to avoid toppling over. The jumping pad rebound mechanism ensures that each jump is well-engineered and coordinated to expect any fall and initiate a high-quality rebound.

However, maximum adult supervision is needed on trampolines without safety enclosures, and highly skilled jumping for toddlers requires training.

My Final Thoughts

LANGXUN 60″ Trampoline for Kids and Lejump Pumpkin 10FT Trampoline are the Best Enclosed Trampoline For Toddlers in this review.

These 2 trampolines feature a durable, elastic, and double stitched enclosure netting. These trampolines are also stable and provide high-quality rebounds.

When selecting the best-enclosed trampolines for toddlers, look for Elastic Netting, Double Stitched netting, Durable Netting, Tall vs. Short Enclosures, Zipped Enclosures, Accessible Enclosures, and perfect Enclosure and Jumping Pad stitching.