7 Best Rated Trampoline for Toddlers 2022

The best-rated trampoline for toddlers should be a durable, elastic, safe, spacious, and interactive jumping toy.

Also, these trampolines should have recommendations from many users who have used the brands for a long time to accredit the claims and express issues and experiences with the product.

best rated trampoline for toddlers

However, there are numerous trampolines in the market, and regular web filters do not do an excellent job directing you to the specific trampoline for your needs.

Therefore we delved into what makes a trampoline best rated to produce this detailed review for you to make the right purchase.

Reviews for Best rated trampoline for toddlers 

1. EIH Kids Trampoline 55” [Our Rating 9.9/10]


  • Age Limit: 3 to 6 years
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Fabric Material: Cloth
  • Maximum Weight: 110 lbs
  • Diameter: 55”
  • Height from ground: 13.8”
  • Total Height: 63”

EIH Kids Trampoline is the overall best-rated trampoline for toddlers.

The trampoline exhibits high durability to withstand vigorous jumping sessions due to its steel and cloth fabric build.

Steel has a high Ultimate Tensile Strength of 60,900 PSI which is adequate to resist bending, cracking, and scratching.

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The fabric cloth is UV resistant, perfectly resisting color degradation for a long to retain the appearance and aesthetic value of your kid’s trampoline even when using it outdoors.

The trampoline ensures top-notch security and safety up to 110 lbs maximum weight.

The heavy-duty steel frame coupled with excellently engineered elasticity of the stretchable fabric material ensures that each jump is well-coordinated and supported. Your toddler gets safe gameplay without the risk of injury or collapsing.

The trampoline remains quiet during jumping sessions. This way, you can install the trampoline near the house, and also, quietness improves confidence in jumping without the thought of a breakdown.

EIH Kids Trampoline has a design to improve the health and fitness of your child. The 55-inch diameter results in 2,300 square inches of the effective play area, which is adequate for your child to burn energy off and make numerous jumps.

Also, this area, coupled with the 110 lbs maximum weight, allows more than one toddler to exercise on the trampoline.

The most significant advantage that sets this trampoline from its competition is the availability of hand rings to allow kids to pull themselves up, a vital exercise in strengthening muscles, and an avenue of burning extra energy.


✅ Durable steel frame

✅ UV resistant

✅ Modern Stretchable fabric material that does not use traditional metallic springs

✅ Quiet trampoline during jumping sessions

✅ Hand rings to pull up

✅ High-quality mesh enclosure


X None

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2. Wamkanos Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids [Our Rating 9.8/10]


  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Fabric Material: Nylon
  • Maximum Weight: 220 lbs
  • Diameter: 36”

Wamkanos Trampoline is a sturdy and bouncy jumping toy to ensure your child exercises and jumps with confidence.

The lack of a safety enclosure net puts your child at the next level of jumping. Here, your child learns to jump by just holding on to the bar.

Your child will learn the advanced technique of maintaining balance, stamina, and coordination at this stage. 

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Therefore apart from burning energy and exercising, the trampoline goes an extra mile to equip your child with that confidence and advancement in heightening their jumping skills plus coordinating their balance and stamina.

Wamkanos Trampoline is 100% safe and secure and can support weight up to 220lbs. The heavy-duty steel build plus the high-quality nylon material ensure every jump is asfe and risk-free to your child.

In addition, Wamkanos Trampoline complies with the US Safety standards to qualify for the commercialization of their kids’ items.

A unique advantage of Wamkanos Trampoline that differentiates it from the competition is its portability. Wamkanos Trampoline is foldable, allowing you to disassemble and assemble it in a minute.

Also, the assembly or disassembly does not require tools and is great for quick setups and parents’ first-time purchases.

In addition, the lightweight of 18 lbs makes it easy to carry and transport. Also, the storage is hassle-free given the foldable sie fits well in storage racks saving space in all seasons.

Wamkanos Trampoline features innovatively designed bands. The bands are relatively many at 30 pieces, all of which do an excellent job at absorbing shock to ensure no fatal falls and smooth rebounds.

The bands are also quiet, enhancing gameplay serenity.


✅ Heavy-duty sturdy steel frame

✅ Rubber tipped legs for antislip property

✅ 30 ultra-quiet, shock-absorbing elastic bands

✅ Foldable trampoline weighing in at 18 lbs

✅ Advanced jumping skills over the foam covered handle

✅ 100% safe and sturdy


X Lack of safety enclosure net requires maximum adult supervision for beginners and young toddlers.

3. CalmMax Trampoline with Enclosure Net 16ft[Our Rating 9.7/10]


  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Fabric Material: Polypropylene
  • Maximum Weight: 400 lbs
  • Diameter: 192”

CalmMax Trampoline is an extra-large jumping toy for many kids or for parent and child fun time.

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CalmMax trampoline is 100% safe and complies with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specifications.

The 6ft high net plus its 360-degree enclosure makes the jumping space safe for maxim force rebounds to parents and many kids.

Your kids cna thus jump with confidence within the safety of the trampoline.

The high durability of steel makes the trampoline withstand numerous jumps with varying degrees of vigor without degrading but showing remarkable resistance to wear and tear.

The trampoline tests well up to 40,000 jumps, with the mat holding well up to 5,000 hrs. In the end, you get a durable and long-lasting trampoline.

Apart from the vast size that sets it to sport from the competition, the advantage is the design’s specificity to withstand all seasons.

CalmMax Trampoline is UV and fade-resistant, allowing it to be used outdoors in sunny spaces without shelter.

Also, the steel frame undergoes a 3-layer rust-proofing, and hard-wearing zinc coating galvanizes all-metal trampoline components to enable your trampoline to resist damage by dew, moisture, and rain.


✅ Galvanized against rust and corrosion

✅ Extra-wide diameter and extra high mesh for many kids and parents

✅ Steady steel base supporting over 400 lbs

✅ 100% safe with extended testing times and sessions

✅ UV resistant to retain aesthetic quality even outdoors


X It takes a long to assemble or dissemble

4. Pelpo 36″ Folding Mini Trampoline[Our Rating 9.6/10]


  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Maximum Weight: 180 lbs
  • Diameter: 36”

Pelpo Mini is the best-rated small indoor trampoline for toddlers.

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The unique advantage is its specificity to indoor spaces with its various features.

One, the durable rubber feet reduce the risk of skidding, which enables your child to jump without the risk of sliding on the floor.

Two, the extended pad covers all gaps between the mat and steel frame for safe gameplay that avoids your kid’s toes getting stuck and causing injuries.

Three, the trampoline is easy to install, set up, disassemble and store. The trampoline, therefore, does not have to stay installed in the gameplay area.

You can select a temporary jumping area, fix the trampoline, and return the room to normalcy after the trampoline session.

Other exciting features include the 100% waterproof fabric that makes it super easy to clean with water and soap without the risk of deforming or soaking the material.

This way, your trampoline can stay clean away from dust with the handle and surfaces disinfected to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, especially during these periods of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The handlebar without the safety net ensures the acquisition of advanced jumping skills that enhance balance and coordination of the limbs.


✅ durable rubber feet

✅ extended pad covers all gaps

✅ easy to install, set up, disassemble and store

✅ 100% waterproof fabric


X Advanced jumping skills without a net may require adult supervision, especially for beginners

5. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net[Our Rating 9.5/10]


  • Material: Powder-coated steel, polypropylene mat, polyethylene net, PVC frame pad
  • Maximum Weight: 180 lbs
  • Diameter: 36”

Skywalker Trampoline is the best-rated mini trampoline with an enclosure net.

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While other trampolines in this diameter range only offer a handlebar for kids to support, Skywalker Trampoline has a 360-degree enclosure net to ensure 100% safety for your child.

Skywalker Trampoline has its net directly sewn to the jump mat, eliminating gaps that often stick children’s toys, causing bruises and injuries.

The net and jumping surface is 100% safe and meets all ASTM standards. This way, your child plays and jumps within the confines of the trampoline without the risk of falling off.

Therefore, this net is an exceptional choice for parents with young toddlers and parents who want to provide gameplay with minimum adult supervision in a small confined trampoline.

The net is made of high-quality polyethylene with a stencil strength of 3,100 PSI. This way, the net resists tears and wears that can significantly degrade the aesthetic quality of the net.


✅ Foldable Inddor Samml trampoline

✅ Safe trampoline with enclosure net

✅ High-quality, durable  polyethylene net

✅ 100% safe and non-toxic net

✅ 360-degree enclosure net


X Assembly requires more than two hands and took us more than 30 minutes.

6. LittleTikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline [Our Rating 9.4/10]


  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Maximum Weight: 105 Pounds
  • Diameter: 84”
  • Age Limit: 36 months – 10 years

LittleTikes trampoline is a highly interactive jumping toy to keep your child engaged throughout the jumping session.

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The slid, and climbing steps are advantageous to your child in several ways. One, they act as access in and out of the trampoline which is safer than low-quality climbing ladders that increase the risk of falling.

Two, the child can diversify their jumping time to explore the magic in the climb or slide. This way, the toy engages the child’s brain and muscles to turn into a beneficial jumping toy.

The parent can also zip the enclosure if your child requires adult supervision for the climb and slide activity.

This option gives control over the entire jumping activity to ensure the parent is aware of the status and safety of the gameplay.

LittleTikes trampoline is durable due to the molded plastic to withstand the pressure exerted during jumping, climbing and sliding.


✅ Engaging and Interactive Trampoline

✅ Safety Zips for confinement

✅ Highly durable trampoline

✅ Convenient climbing access into the trampoline without low-quality ladder steps

✅ Durable, high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs


X Plastic is relatively less sturdy than steel frames, and therefore the maximum number of children for this trampoline is 1.

7. Asee’m 60″ Trampoline for Kids with Net [Our Rating 9.3/10]


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polypropylene
  • Maximum Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Diameter: 60”
  • Age Limit: 1 – 8 years

Asse’m Trampoline features a unique trampoline feet design. Two large, well-built suction cups keep the U-shaped legs in the palace to avoid skidding and dislocation.

This technology produces 40% more stability than rubber feet, especially on plain surfaces to hold many children, parents for vigorous jumping.

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One last advantage here is that your floor is void of marks and damages from vigorous jumpings since the suction pumps do knot fidget but remain stuck on the floor.

Also, the lack of skidding ensures a silent jumping experience for high-quality gameplay sessions.

Asse’m Trampoline is 100% safe. The visible mesh ensures that you keep a close eye on your child’s activity.

The mesh is also elastic to ensure shock absorbance of falls, and this way, your child enjoys guaranteed safety eleven during vigorous jumps.

The net is also made of high-quality Polypropylene with high tensile strength of 4,800 PSI, perfect for resiting tears that could otherwise cause injury.

However, the built-in basketball hoop is the most significant advantage that sets Asse’m Trampoline uniquely apart from its competitors.

Children can thus dribble the ball and jump to score a basket. This interactiveness gives variety in gameplay possibilities, rids of boredom, and increases the effective gameplay time that kids enjoy with the trampoline.

Ten balls come in the package to give the child a wide variety of choices for gameplay.

Asse’m Trampoline ensures the feet and hands of your child are 100% safe because durable frame pads cover the gaps in the bands.

The steel poles and bars have durable and soft foam cladding that assures safety and comfort even during falls and unexpected rebounds. 


✅ Unique and sturdy trampoline feet design

✅ Quiet jumping sessions that do not damage flor surfaces

✅ High quality, visible and elastic mesh net

✅ An interactive basketball hoop to increase fun and interactiveness

✅ 100% safe for up to 220 lbs maximum weight

✅ Zero risks of stuck toes or fingers


X The suction feet design only works best for flat surfaces. Any significant differences in the flatness of the ground pose a challenge to stability.

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Picking the best-rated trampoline for toddler – Buying Guide

Durable Trampolines

A highly rated trampoline should offer exceptional durability. The material of the frame should show hardy resistance to wear, tear, scratches and breakage.

The best material for the frames is steel, with a tensile strength of 60,900 PSI. This way, if you are within the trampoline’s maximum weight limit, your child will enjoy an uninterrupted jumping experience.

If the trampoline features a mesh for safety, the materials should be elastic and durable to ensure it does not tear and absorbs pressure during vigorous jumps.

Safest Trampolines

Top-rated trampolines offer 100% safety for the jumping sessions of your kids.

These trampolines have sturdy bases and feet that have a low likelihood of slipping and shaking.

Therefore, high jumps and many kids in the trampoline do not skid; instead, the toy remains steady and unshakeable.

The bounce surface should also offer a soft landing palace for your child for a smooth rebound. A rough and unsafe material scratches the feet of your child and injures them.

Also, the metallic frame should have soft cladding, for example, foam that safely secures these hard surfaces to prevent accidental hits that could injure your child, especially during high jumps.

The landing surface should have stretchable bands fully covered to prevent toes and fingers from sticking, which can cause bruises and injuries.

For example, the certification for safety ASTM is a considerable benefit to assure safety to users and the parents.


The elasticity of the stretchable bands plays a huge role in creating a wonderful jumping experience.

Elastic, stretchable bands have become more innovative than traditional springs. However, when used nowadays, they are implemented with premium shock-absorbing properties to ensure a soft landing and an exciting rebound.

Trampoline with/without enclosure nets

In the absence of an enclosure net, your child is at a higher risk of falling off from the trampoline.

Enclosure nets are elastic and act as shock absorbers to prevent falls from being fatal and keep children inside the trampoline.

Enclosure nets serve as hooking points where parents can attach extra interactive features such as stretch rings and toys.

However, trampolines without safety enclosure nets have their role to play in the jumping activities.

These trampolines give the child the confidence to explore, practice, and perfect advanced jumping skills that sharpen their balance and coordination outside the framework of the trampoline.

Portable Trampolines

If you want to transport or fold your trampoline, a portable trampoline is the best choice. A portable trampoline reduces storage space and allows for quick assembly and disassembly.

Diameter and Maximum Weight

Depending on the number of kids you have, or if you want to jump in the trampoline with your kid on the same trampoline, you will go for a more giant trampoline with a wider diameter.

However, if you want to cater to the needs of one or two children, then going for a mini trampoline is perfect.


To increase the fun and magic of jumping sessions, go for a trampoline that offers the option of creating several gameplays avenues.

For example, trampolines that come with balls, basketball hoops, or even rings significantly add to the quality of play and are highly engaging.


EIH Kids Trampoline 55” and Wamkanos Dinosaur Mini Trampoline are the best-rated trampolines for toddlers in this detailed review.

The two trampolines show exceptional durability, 100% jumping safety, well-engineered elasticity, and an ample, effective play area for your kids.

To pick the best-rated trampoline requires that you select trampolines with high durability, safety, elasticity, enclosure net, portability, and interactiveness.

Also, take note of critical issues that other parents could express about specific trampolines or trampoline brands.