11 Best Toys To Help Baby Sit Up in 2022

What helps babies learn to sit up?

Babies are curious and want to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, their little bodies are still developing, and they can’t do much on their own. 

This is where toys come in! Best toys help baby sit up by allowing them to reach for objects, learn new skills, and explore the world around them.

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But what toys help babies sit up?

From playtime essentials to activity centers, we have compiled a list of the best toys that promote physical development.

They not only give your child an engaging and interactive experience as they grow but also get them excited about learning through play.

Best Toys for Babies Learning to Sit Up: Our Top Picks

  1. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler RockerBest Rocking Toy to Help Baby Sit Up
  2. Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor SeatBest Toy with Toy Tray for Babies Learning to Sit Up
  3. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor SeatBest Floor Seat Toy to Use to Help Baby Sit Up
  4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Panda Paw Floor SeatBest Panda Toy for Babies Learning How to Sit
  5. Disney Mickey Mouse Sit N Play Portable Activity SeatBest Sit and Play Toy Baby Seat
  6. Summer My Bath Seat with ToysBest Bath Toy to Help Baby Sit Up
  7. Nova Baby Motorized Swing for InfantsBest Swing Toy to Help Baby Sit Up
  8. Yookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play MatMost Versatile Toy to Help Baby Sit Up on Their Own
  9. Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat and BoosterBest Fun Toy to Help Baby Learn to Sit Up
  10. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Sit-Me-Up Floor SeatBest On-The-Go Toy to Help Baby Sit
  11. Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated SupportBest Toy with Detachable Pillow to Help Baby Sit

1. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker – Best Rocking Toy to Help Baby Sit Up


Rocking is among the best ways to soothe a fussy baby. Well, Fisher-Price’s infant-to-toddler rocker seat does just that. 

This innovative seat allows babies to enjoy many different benefits, including bouncing, swinging, or gliding motions. Essentially, it gives babies the feeling of being rocked by a parent, which helps calm and soothes them.

However, it’s not all about soothing motion. The Fisher-Price rocker also offers soothing vibrations and sounds. 

Additionally, it features two built-in toys and a deep, cozy seat. Indeed, your little one will never want to leave this seat!

Wouldn’t it be helpful if a product could transfer from a baby rocker to a toddler seat without any hassle? Well, Fisher-Price has you covered on this.

The seat is useful from infancy up to when they no longer need the support of a high chair. Moreover, it has three reclining positions for use as they grow, allowing them to face you or play on their own. 

With this versatile seat, you can give your little angels something practical and helpful for years to come.


Washable seat pad

Deep, reclining seat


Soothing features

Adjustable swinging speed


X Instructions are a bit difficult to understand

2. Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – Best Toy with Toy Tray for Babies Learning to Sit Up


Sitting up is an important developmental milestone for babies. For some babies, it can take a lot of work to get there. 

This Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat can be your baby’s newest tool in the sitting-up journey. It keeps your child safe and entertained as he learns new things like sitting up, crawling, and exploring his environment.

This seat features a removable floor insert that adds more stability to the seat. In addition, it helps protect against bumps and scratches on the floor. 

Fisher-price Floor Seat has a removable toy tray with a variety of play items to keep your baby happy and engaged. It also folds for easy storage, which is essential when you’re living in a small space.

This durable seat comes with an attached belt. Therefore, your child won’t get into trouble when sitting on their own.

Indeed, it’s the perfect baby seat in the first four months when babies can’t yet sit up on their own.


Machine-washable seat pad

Dishwasher-safe snack tray

Teether toy

Wide, sturdy base

Folds flat


X The seat is a bit hard to take apart

3. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – Best Floor Seat Toy to Use to Help Baby Sit Up


The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is an excellent way to keep your baby close and happy. It’s perfect for the early months when babies want to be near you but can’t yet sit up on their own. 

It can work as a great high chair for feeding time, with two different height adjustments. This way, you’re not always bending over or kneeling down.

The floor seat has three removable fabric inserts, which are machine washable for easy care. In addition to being pliable and comfortable, this baby seat features a unique design that provides back support. So, your baby will feel secure and happy from the get-go.

The frame comes in durable plastic, which means you can use it over and over again. In addition, it has a soft, cushioned pad that will provide support for your baby’s back and bottom as they learn how to sit up with assistance.

There are lots of features on this seat that make it perfect for your active baby. For example, with fun toys that dangle overhead or toys at their level on the tray, your little one will be entertained while sitting up.

The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is perfect for use at home, in the nursery, or on the go!


Durable and sturdy construction

Toys for playtime

Machine-washable seat pad

Soft and cushy seat

Folds flat for storage


X Only great for small babies

4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Panda Paw Floor Seat – Best Panda Toy for Babies Learning How to Sit


A floor seat can be a lifesaver for parents. Whether your child is too young to sit in a high chair, or you just want to save some space, they’re perfect for the job.

Well, I’m happy to introduce Fisher-Price’s newest innovation in floor seats, the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat!

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat will make any mealtime more comfortable and fun for your baby.

It has a secure, three-point safety harness that adjusts as your baby grows and a cushioned insert that helps keep children sitting upright and comfortable. 

The toy bar is also ideal for toys or snacks. It’s easy to use, and it gives your child something to play with while sitting up. It’s a favorite feature among parents with babies aged 6 months to 12 years old. 

This chair is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment as it can convert from a floor seat into an infant seat. The seat is also machine washable and dryer safe, which makes it even more convenient. 

If you have a baby who’s ready to sit up, this may be the perfect option for you!


Offers sensory play

Wide, sturdy base

Soft seat

Harness system

Entertainment toys


X It doesn’t fold easily

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Sit N Play Portable Activity Seat – Best Sit and Play Toy Baby Seat


Mickey Mouse is the most recognizable character. You might even say it’s one of the most loved. That’s why this Mickey Mouse Sit ‘n’ Play Portable Activity Seat is perfect for your little one. 

Some parents may look at this seat and think there’s no way that it’s worth the money. After all, it doesn’t seem to do anything. 

However, it’s important that parents realize, not every baby seat needs bells and whistles. Sometimes a simple seat can be just what a child needs. Mickey Mouse Sit ‘n’ Play is one of those seats.

This seat can help ease the transition from crawling or walking to standing. It also provides an interactive experience for children during mealtime or playtime. 

It has an adjustable seat belt. Hence, your precious little one will stay secure during playtime or rest time as they explore their new world in style!

The seat features a reclining backrest and high back to support your child’s neck and head while seated. The best part? It folds flat, so it’s easy to bring with you! 


Sets up and closes quickly

Travel-friendly carry

Water and stain-resistant seat pad

Three character toys


X The fabric is a bit sweaty

6. Summer My Bath Seat with Toys – Best Bath Toy to Help Baby Sit Up


It’s summertime, and that means you are looking for a great toy to keep your kids entertained. It also means you want a product that will keep those toys organized, as well as keep the mess away. 

The Summer My Bath Seat is the perfect solution. This seat features a built-in toy organizer and a suction cup to make it easy to attach to tubs of all sizes. 

You can even use it outside on wet grass or in the sand at the beach for some fun in the sun!

The seat has toys for your child to play with during or after soaking. Additionally, the Summer Bath seat uses floating toys to make your child feel like they’re playing in the water.

With this baby bathtub seat, you won’t have to bend over, and your back will thank you for it! It also comes with built-in support that prevents slipping and sliding.

Hence, you can rest assured that your baby will be safe and secure.

The cushioned headrest also gives babies plenty of space to kick their legs and splash around without ending up underwater. Well, that’s one less worry for you as well!

Certainly, this baby seat is the perfect way to keep your child clean while also saving yourself some time.


Secure suction cups

Spacious seat

Removable toy tray

High backrest support


X A bit difficult to wash below the belly

7. Nova Baby Motorized Swing for Infants – Best Swing Toy to Help Baby Sit Up


A baby’s first year is easily the most exciting time in their life. As a parent, you’ll want to give your child the best possible start. This includes giving them the right things and experiences. 

Nova motorized swing is a great way to provide your infant with comfort and entertainment. Though it may seem like just another baby seat, the Nova swing is actually one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your baby. 

Not only will it help your baby stay calm when feeling overwhelmed, but it also encourages brain development.

The Nova baby swing is an excellent solution for those who have a baby that needs rocking or bouncing from time to time. With it, parents can rock their baby with the push of a button.

It’s programmable with five different speeds for your convenience. It also vibrates and plays 10 soothing songs to calm your baby. 

The motorized swing is not only convenient but also comfortable, especially because it reclines up to five positions. Additionally, it has a timer, so you know when their naptime is up.

Everything is via remote control. Still, it offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity options. This baby swing is for toddlers and has a space-saving design that makes it perfect for any nursery setup.

If you want an infant seat that allows your baby to play while you take a nap, the Nova swing will suffice.


Bluetooth and music player

Remote control

Adjustable swinging speed and recline positions

Built-in timer

Vibration function

Safety-tested harness

Protective insect net and canopy


X Swinging speed is pretty slow

X Plug-in design isn’t travel-friendly

8. Yookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat – Most Versatile Toy to Help Baby Sit Up on Their Own


When it comes to making your little ones happy and occupied, it’s important to have a variety of toys. One way to do that is with a play gym. 

Yookidoo’s play mat is for babies from newborns to 12 months old. It offers multiple features for your little one to explore while engaging in tummy time or sitting up. 

From providing calming stimulation for naptime, providing a safe place for tummy time, or teaching music appreciation, this 3-in-1 play mat from Yookidoo has something for everyone!

The Yookidoo play mat includes many different textures and toys to engage your baby’s senses. In addition, it converts from a floor mat to a sit-up toy for a more interactive experience.

With its soft fabric and supportive body, this playmat can also support a child up to twenty pounds in weight.  Hence, it not only creates new opportunities for your baby every day but also grows with your child.

If you want a versatile and inexpensive toy that will help your baby learn, explore, and have fun, this is the perfect option!


Offers 20 development activities

Plenty of toys

Teething rattle

Musical plane

Folds for storage


X Less supportive in the upright position

9. Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat and Booster – Best Fun Toy to Help Baby Learn to Sit Up


Music and lights can be very calming for babies. Some studies have found that these two stimuli in particular help infants to sleep, establish a good feeding schedule, and develop healthy social skills. 

This 3-in-1 seat has both of these features and more! Infantino Seat & Booster keeps your child entertained with songs, sounds, and lights that change colors. 

Also, this seat has three modes: infant mode, booster mode, and toddler mode. 

In infant mode, your baby can sit up in a soft and cozy seat with their favorite toy or book right in front of them. In booster mode, your baby can be at eye level with the dinner table so they can enjoy the family time too! 

Hence, as your child grows up, they can transition from sitting to being a part of the conversation. 

The idea of your baby falling or getting snatched away from you is heartbreaking. Thankfully, the Infantino seat has the right safety precautions to help mitigate this risk. It has a harness to keep babies strapped while also protecting them from potential accidents.

This booster seat also gives your baby a soft, cushioned place to sit. It’s certainly a fun way to keep your baby engaged while you do chores around the house!


Songs, sounds, and lights

Doubles as a booster seat

Wipeable seat cushion

Secure chair and seat harness

Removable snack tray


X The sound quality isn’t great

10. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – Best On-The-Go Toy to Help Baby Sit


The On-The-Go Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is a clever and innovative new way for your baby to experience the world. 

This seat tilts and locks in three different positions. Hence, the baby will be able to sit up, lay back, or view the world from their tummy without you having to pick them up constantly. 

A soft toy bar is a great place for baby to rest their favorite plush animal. In addition, it has a three-point harness to keep your baby safe and secure.

It sits on the floor with a high back that offers some extra support for leaning and sitting. Moreover, it has a soft, plush seat pad that’s machine washable for easy cleanup. 

Parents will love this seat because it can fold up for easy storage. It’s also light enough for parents to carry and bring on the go.

This portable floor seat is not only for taking along on errands but also for taking outside in nice weather. It has an adjustable canopy to protect your baby from harsh UV rays.

With this seat, your baby can always have fun wherever you are!


Repositionable canopy

Adjustable recline positions

Breathable mesh seat

Wide, sturdy base

Washable seat pad

Folds for storage


X It tends to sit a bit lower

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11. Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support – Best Toy with Detachable Pillow to Help Baby Sit


Newborn babies have the same problem of not being able to use their muscles yet. 

Their neck, back, and abdominal muscles are still developing. Therefore, they need help to maintain a healthy spine and to keep their head from flopping forward.

Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support is ideal for this purpose. It’s perfect for small babies because it provides just the right amount of support without being too cumbersome or restrictive. 

This makes it the perfect tool for helping your baby learn how to hold up their head. In addition, it helps develop good sleeping habits by aligning the spine when they sleep.

Infantino creates this pillow support to be lightweight and easy for travel. Moreover, it has a soft fabric that won’t irritate sensitive skin. 

This pillow support has also been designed to provide total comfort for babies by offering ventilation where needed.

If you want to help your baby get the tummy time they need while also providing support and comfort, this seated support is an excellent choice.


Stackable pillow supports

Develops head and neck muscles

Hugging C-shape design

BPA-free teether

Caterpillar keeps babies engaged

Easy spot cleaning


X The baby needs to be stable enough to sit

Best Toys to Help Baby Sit Up: A Comprehensive Guide

As a parent, you want to buy the perfect toy for your baby. However, it can be difficult to know which toy is best. There are tons of options, and it’s hard to know what will engage your baby the most.

What should you look for when choosing a toy? 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best toys to help your baby sit up.

1. Age Appropriateness

Babies are always curious and want to explore the world around them. Hence, it’s important to choose age-appropriate toys for babies. Toys that are not age-appropriate can be a choking hazard for infants.

Babies six months old or younger usually enjoy toys with bright colors, sounds, and textures.

Older babies may enjoy more textured toys with lights and sounds as they explore the world around them, especially those that encourage movement.

2. Interactive Features

The best toy to help babysit up should be engaging. It will stimulate your baby’s senses and provide an activity to help them practice sitting up on their own. 

Additionally, they’re more than just toys: they’re also learning tools. Hence, the best toys to help babysit up should have interactive features that promote healthy development.

Some promote sitting skills through fun games and active playtime. Such toys also help soothe fussy babies and provide entertainment for children on long car rides or plane rides.

3. Size

You don’t want your baby to get frustrated trying to sit up or to keep trying to sit up if the toy doesn’t provide the right support. 

Hence, choose a toy that has enough weight and space to help your baby. Moreover, look for a toy that provides sufficient support and stability.

4. Comfort

Choose a toy that keeps your baby more relaxed and excited. To achieve that, consider comfort features such as a canopy, soft padding, and reclining seat.

5. Adjustments 

It’s good to have a toy that grows with your child. It will save you from having to buy a bigger toy as your baby grows.

Hence, I recommend looking for adjustable features. It can either be a convertible toy or one with height adjustments. 

6. Safety

Parents prefer safety to anything else when selecting the best toys to help the baby learn to sit up.

Always choose a non-toxic toy that’s safe for your baby to chew on. Also, avoid toys that can harbor bacteria and other harmful things.

The best toy shouldn’t be too loud or have high-intensity flashlights that can harm the eyes. Moreover, pick a toy that doesn’t have sharp parts that might hurt the baby.

7. Durability

Don’t choose a toy that you’ll throw away after a couple of months. Instead, consider a durable toy that can last for years. Moreover, it should withstand drops and most weather conditions.

8. Cost

How expensive is it? Of course, not all of these toys are expensive to buy. Hence, you don’t want to spend more than you have to on a toy that might not be what your baby will love the most. Instead, compare the price with the quality of the toy.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I worry that my baby isn’t sitting up?

Well, development varies from baby to baby. However, babies should be able to sit on their own by the age of 9 months. If not, I recommend contacting your pediatrician as it can be a sign of motor skill delay.

2. How important is tummy time?

Tummy time reduces the risk of developing a misshapen head among infants. Such are the findings of the American Physical Therapy Association.

3. What counts as tummy time?

Resistance against a firm surface is what counts as it aid muscle development. So, contrary to what most believe, chest-to-chest time between a baby and the parent doesn’t count as tummy time.


One of the most exciting milestones to watch for is when a baby learns to sit up. Well, I’ve given tips and reviewed the best toys that will help your baby reach this milestone. 

When choosing what to use to help babysit up, there are a lot of factors to think about. Is your baby sitting up? What developmental milestones are they hitting this month?

What is their age, and what is their attention span? All these questions and more will help you choose the perfect toy for your baby.

Therefore, don’t wait for ages for your baby to learn to sit. Get one of these toys and help speed up the process.