11 Best Toy Dog Breeds for Families Reviewed in 2022

What are the best toy dog breeds for families?

best toy dog for families

Do you want the companionship of a dog without the hassle of grooming or training? It’s time you explored your options for the best toy dog breeds for families.

You see, toy dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are soft, some that are hard, some that are furry, some that are non-furry. Some squeak, some don’t.

However, with all the different colors, sizes, and personalities, the world of toy dogs can sometimes feel like a daunting place. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you find the best toy dog breeds to own.

This post reviews the top 11 best toy dogs for families, each with a description of what makes them great.

Top Picks for Best Toy Dog Breeds for Families

  1. Douglas Yettie Yorkshire Terrier DogBest Yorkshire Terrier Toy Dog
  2. Shelter Pets Stuffed Tan PugBest Tan Pug Toy Dog
  3. VACHICHI Stuffed English Bulldog Toy PuppyBest English Bulldog Toy Dog
  4. Melissa & Doug Pug DogBest Pug Dog Toy Dog
  5. Melissa & Doug Giant Black LabBest Black Lab Toy Dog
  6. Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian HuskyBest Siberian Husky Toy Dog
  7. Carl Dick Australian Shepherd Dog LyingBest Australian Shepherd Toy Dog
  8. German Shepherd Simulation Dog ModelBest German Shepherd Toy Dog
  9. 20 Pieces Dog Figurines PlaysetBest Combo Toy Dog
  10. Folkmanis Sheepdog Hand PuppetBest Sheepdog Toy Dog
  11. JOY FOR ALL Interactive Freckled PupBest Non-Breed Specific Toy Dog

1. Douglas Yettie Yorkshire Terrier DogBEST YORKSHIRE TERRIER


Do you love little dogs? This Yorkie dog will be a great addition to your toy collection.

Its small size makes it ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and other small spaces. Hence, you won’t be running into space issues. Also, the size of this cuddly Yorkie makes it perfect for kids.

This plush toy Yorkie is extremely lifelike, making it an ideal companion for any dog lover. Its soft fur feels great to touch and its realistic details will make you feel like you’re really holding a live dog!

Do you suffer from allergies? Well, this Yorkie toy dog doesn’t disappoint. Just like the real Yorkie, its flowing, silky fur doesn’t shed. 

Plus, the fur comes in a “puppy cut” making it short enough for easy maintenance. Still, you can put it in a washing machine for easy care and maintenance.

Age shouldn’t come between you and this adorable Yorkie dog toy. After all, the minimum age recommendation of 24 months makes it perfect for kids, adults, and seniors. 

Not only is it ideal for all ages, but also safe for all. It comes in high-quality materials that exceed safety standards. Hence, you can snuggle up with this plush dog toy without worry.


Easy to maintain “puppy cut”

✅ Realistic colors

✅ Cuddly silky plush fur

✅ It doesn’t shed hair

✅ Machine washable

✅ Exceeds safety standards


X A bit small for the price

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2. Shelter Pets Stuffed Tan PugBEST TAN PUG


How does it feel to snuggle with a toy dog and know that you’re helping to save the life of an animal? By purchasing a Shelter Pet, you will help aid in the care of homeless animals in need.

But it’s not all about donating money for good causes. The Ryan Tan Pug toy dog from Shelter Pets will also steal your heart.

It’s an adorable toy dog that gets you and your kids hooked from day one. The high-quality Velboa fabric ensures it’s soft, durable, and will last for years to come. 

Additionally, it’s stuffed just right, making it perfect for cuddling. So cute are these stuffed Tan Pugs that you’ll want to collect them all!

Now, each Tan Pug pet has a story behind it. Thus each one is unique and one of a kind. You’ll get all the information on the hangtag.

The minimum age for this toy pet is 3 years, which makes it a great gift for kids and adults alike.


High-quality, durable fabric

Soft enough for cuddling

Every purchase helps save the life of a homeless animal

Hypoallergenic plush fabric


X The seams might come apart under rough use

3. VACHICHI Stuffed English Bulldog Toy PuppyBEST ENGLISH BULLDOG


Do you want to give your kids a toy dog breed they can love and cherish for years to come? This stuffed bulldog is sure to be a hit with any kid that loves dogs.

Your kids will love this cute bulldog. It is very soft and cuddly, so your kids can hug it tightly when they sleep. It can also be used as a pillow for your children to play with.

Chances that your kid will get bored are quite slim. It’s because this plush toy puppy has all the details of a live English bulldog. Brown crystal eyes, for instance, make it even more adorable.

The high-quality, new materials give you something less to worry about. Not only is it anti-allergic but also skin-friendly. Therefore, your child will enjoy playing with this toy for hours on end!

This stuffed dog is perfect for kids of all ages. It’s also great for collectors who want an adorable bulldog to add to their collection.


Super soft and cuddly plush material

Realistic bulldog details

Anti-allergenic and skin-friendly

Safe enough for infants


X The seams will rip open under rough treatment

4. Melissa & Doug Pug DogBEST PUG DOG


Are you worried about your kids spending too much time on the screen?

This toy dog is the perfect substitute for all that screen time. It’s also a great way to bring the family together and it will help to nurture your child’s early developmental skills.

It’s a low-tech toy dog but a gold standard in early childhood play. 

Do you know what makes it even the best companion for your kids? Melissa & Doug Pug toy dog is pre-tested to be safe for children and is non-toxic.

The high-quality fabric does more than withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It’s also soft and plush to give your kid a more huggable companion.

Age will less likely hinder your kids from having a fun time with this toy dog. The minimum age limit of 3 years makes it a perfect gift for toddlers, preschoolers, and teens.


Superior, durable materials

100% happiness guarantee

Cuddling softness

Engaging, lifelike design


X The ears are not quite like a pug’s

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5. Melissa & Doug Giant Black LabBEST BLACK LAB


What’s better than a dog? A giant dog!

Playtime with this lab is always a happy time! Seriously, this toy dog is huge, and not too different from regular Labradors.

This Lab is big enough for a child to ride on and play with, and soft enough for the youngest of children to snuggle with. In other words, it’s the perfect toy for you or your child.

He’s perfect for cuddling and playtime, but he’s also a great teaching tool for children who are interested in STEM activities. 

Are you wondering how durable it is? Well, this Lab toy dog is made from the most durable polyester material. Not only that but it also comes in child-safe materials and meets toy safety standards.

This dog is surface washable and recommended for ages 3+. It’s certainly the perfect family pet for any household!


Big enough to ride on

Durable and washable polyester material

Lifelike with spot-on details

Huggable and cuddly


X You’ll need to take care not to pop the seams

6. Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian HuskyBEST SIBERIAN HUSKY


How many times have you pined for a Husky but been afraid of the work that comes with taking care of this breed? Well, check out this giant Siberian Husky toy dog.

It’s among the world’s most popular giant plush toy dogs and one of the best toy dog breeds to own. At over 2 feet, it’s a great toy for kids and adults.

This Husky toy dog isn’t only big enough to sit on. Your kid will also love the softness of this giant plush dog. In fact, it has a lot of reviews from happy customers.

Moreover, this toy dog is a beauty to behold. It’s hand-crafted with care, complete with realistic details and beautiful markings. 

So, what does that mean? Well, you’re not only getting a toy dog, but also a perfect decoration for your living room.

The high-quality material is sure to last for years of fun and entertainment. Also, age shouldn’t be a limiting factor. This Husky toy dog will suit anyone from age 3 and up.


Top-quality construction

Great attention to details

Beautiful markings can double as decoration

Soft and huggable polyester fabric

Big and sturdy enough for small kids to sit on


X A bit expensive

7. Carl Dick Australian Shepherd Dog LyingBEST AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD


Aussies are active dog breeds. So, it makes sense that the stuffed toy version of this breed would be just like that, too. 

This thoughtful design is what makes this plush Australian Shepherd toy dog a great gift for kids. 

But it’s a great choice for dog lovers too. The Aussie is among the most intelligent breeds in the world, and that intelligence translates well to this toy.

This handmade Aussie is a super cute way to remember one of the most popular working breeds in the US. 

You’ll be hard-pressed not to love its special coat. It comes in durable, faux fur fabric that’s perfect for snuggling. Indeed, it’s one feature that makes this handmade Aussie absolutely adorable and a perfect gift for your kids.

But do you know there’s a lot more to love about this toy Aussie?

Not only is it washable but also flame-resistant for easy care. Also, it doesn’t shed, except for production-related hair that shakes off easily.


Hand washable

Luxury plush fabric for cuddling


Authentic and vivid

Doesn’t shed hair


X The minimum age recommendation (14 years) is quite high

8. German Shepherd Simulation Dog ModelBEST GERMAN SHEPHERD


Have you ever wanted a German Shepherd but you don’t have a high enough fence? Then order a German Shepherd toy dog!

This toy dog breed has a very realistic German Shepherd look. Also, it’s hand-painted to look colorful and vivid.

So, this dog is just as lovable as the real-life version, and it’s sure to bring you a smile every time you look at it.

Also, the plastic shell can take a beating from energetic kids. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your favorite toy getting broken.

Do you know what else is great about plastic construction? Well, you can easily wipe it clean, making it easy to care for and maintain.

The plastic material doesn’t make this toy dog quite the cuddling type. Instead, it’s an ornament that inspires imagination and curiosity.


Lifelike shape and details

Sturdy plastic construction

Excellent for display and decoration

Easy to wipe clean


X The plastic isn’t ideal for cuddling

9. 20 Pieces Dog Figurines PlaysetBEST COMBO


A new trend in the toy world is to collect figurines of different breeds of dogs.

You see, placing models of your pets on the fridge and by the door is one way to show them how much you love them. The best way to do this is with a plastic dog figurines playset.

Well, this 20-piece dog figurine is one of the best options to show that you care. It’s not only a perfect family gift, but it also captures the fantasy world.

The dog figurines are made of sturdy plastic with a high gloss finish. They’re also dishwasher safe, hence easy to clean.

A good toy is one that engages your pet as well as your child. And that’s what this toy does! It’s very detailed and made into an assortment of breeds from all over the world.

Moreover, the toys are small enough to fit into small hands, making it a perfect gift for kids who are 3 years and up.


Comprises multiple dog breeds

High-gloss sturdy plastic construction

Realistic details

Dishwasher safe

Excellent for display


X A bit too small to notice

X Not huggable or cuddly

10. Folkmanis Sheepdog Hand PuppetBEST SHEEPDOG


If there’s anything kids love, it’s a puppet show! So, if you’re looking for a new toy for your child, consider a sheepdog puppet.

The best part about a sheepdog puppet? You can put it on your hand and it’ll make you look like a sheepdog too!

The head is a little big for one hand, so it’s best to use both hands. Still, this hand puppet is the perfect way to get the kids excited about creating a puppet show.

But it’s not only for the puppet show. This wonderful hand puppet is also soft, cuddly, and will be the envy of all your friends. 

It uses the highest quality materials to ensure easy care for years to come. Moreover, this award-winning dog puppet is interactive and realistic. 

Kids from 3-15 years will find this Sheepdog hand puppet a wonderful toy to play with.


High-quality materials

Realistic details

Soft and cuddly

Excellent for the puppet show

Easily slips over your hand

Award-winning design


X Tends to shed a little



Are you looking for a toy that will keep your kids entertained for hours? This realistic Freckled Pup toy is sure to provide hours of fun.

So, why is this the best realistic Freckled Pup toy with sound and motion? Indeed, it’s one of the most adorable gifts for any dog lover.

Also, it has funny, realistic sounds and motion to boot. This Freckled Pup has the best tail wag you’ve ever seen. Additionally, the built-in sound chip enables it to bark, pant, whine, and more

Moreover, it’s got a high-quality, durable construction that won’t fray or break. The battery, too, is a huge plus. It has enough juice to keep your Freckled Pup running for weeks.

Do you know what else is great about this Freckled Pup? There are no age restrictions, making it the perfect companion for all family members.

This is certainly one of the best robotic pups to own.


Realistic sound and motion

Long battery life

No age restrictions

Cuddly and adorable


X Expensive

Best Toy Dog Breeds for Families: A Definitive Guide

Welcome to a world of plush, cuddly, and huggable stuffed animals. 

When you’re in the market for a new stuffed animal, the range of animals on the market can be overwhelming. So, how do you know what to look for?

We have the answers.

Here’s how to buy the best toy dogs for families.

1. Material

Deciding on the material you’re buying your stuffed animal from is a no-brainer. You’re going to encounter two options: plastic and fabric.

A plastic toy dog will come in handy here:

  • The idea of buying is mainly for display and decoration
  • You want a toy dog that’s easy to clean 
  • There’s a member in the family who’s allergic to hair

On the other hand, if you want something you can cuddle, then fabric material is the best option. However, not all fabrics are best for the job.

Essentially, you should look for soft, plush fabric. Best examples include silk, cotton, wool, velvet, and silk. Also, you can choose shag for thick-haired dog breeds.

But the fabric shouldn’t be all about cuddling comfort. It should also be washable for easy care and maintenance.

2. Stuffing

Toy dogs are made by stuffing various materials to make them more soft, durable, and more lifelike. It can be plastic, fabric, real fur, or synthetic materials.

The softness, durability, and life of the stuffed toy vary greatly with the stuffing used. We not only recommend a soft fill material, but also one that’s less affected when exposed to air, heat, and moisture.

Additionally, the fill material shouldn’t be a choking hazard. Also, for health issues, choose a hypoallergenic or anti-bacterial fill material.

But now, what’s the best material for toy filling?

Well, polyester fill is by far the most preferred. It’s not only lightweight but also provides a consistent feel throughout. Also, polyester is more bouncy and water-resistant.

Still, you have other options, including wool, acrylic, and cotton stuffing.

3. Durability

When choosing a stuffed animal, the key is to pick one that’s high enough in quality that it will last through many, many bedtimes. 

Also, it should be able to withstand falls. After all, you don’t want to buy something that’s going to be thrown away after one or two accidents.

4. Size

The right size for a toy dog is a matter of personal preference. 

However, size is hugely determined by the type of dog breed you want. Most manufacturers go for a size that’s a perfect replica of the real-life version.

Though not by much, age can also determine the right size for a toy dog. Toddlers, for instance, would be better off with small, lightweight toy dog breeds.

5. Age Factor

Always read manufacturer labels to ensure the toy is appropriate for a child’s age. 

Remember, the age levels for toys are not about intelligence and maturity. Instead, it’s determined by safety factors.

So, no matter how advanced your kids are, don’t let them use toys meant for older kids.

6. Safety

Safety is crucial when choosing the best toy dog for a family. Most toys are labeled as meeting and exceeding safety standards. 

But how do you determine a safe toy where there isn’t any safety label? Well, there’s a checklist you can use to warrant a toy dog as safe.

Foremost, it should be free of chemicals and heavy metals. Also, it should use natural dye or lead-free paints. In the case of fabric toys, go for flame-resistant or flame-retardant materials.

Moreover, consider the safety of the design. It shouldn’t have sharp ends or small parts that can be pulled loose.

7. Allergies

Are you or anyone in your family allergic to hair?

To stay safe, choose a toy dog breed that doesn’t shed hair. It’s important, especially when buying toys made of fabric.

8. Budget

What’s in your budget? As you’ll soon discover, there’s a wide range of prices. So, take the price range into account.  Fuzzy, soft toys are the most expensive, while tough animals are the cheapest. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are PVC toy dogs safe?

There’s an ongoing debate regarding the safety of the gas and additives used in PVC material. But you probably won’t have any problem as long as your child doesn’t chew on the toy.

2. What harmful additives should I steer clear of when choosing a toy dog for families?

Harmful additives to avoid when choosing the best toy dog breeds for families include Phthalates, lead, cadmium, and BPA.

3. What tips can I use to care for and prolong the life of my toy dog?

  • Teach kids how to safely play with toys 
  • Check the toys regularly for any broken or loose parts
  • In the case of stuffed toy dogs, inspect them for any broken seams
  • Avoid exposing toys to rain or snow
  • Keep the toys clean by washing or wiping clean

4. If I must choose plastic toy dogs, which material is the best?

Polypropylene is easily the best material for plastic toys. Also, it’s food-grade plastic, making it safe for babies who like to chew on toys.

5. How large should my toy dog be?

Size shouldn’t be much of an issue, not unless you’re buying figurines. In this case, ensure the toy is at least 2 inches. It will keep the toy from being swallowed or lodged in the windpipe.


That wraps up our review of the best toy dog breeds for families. These toy dog breeds make perfect companions on car rides, cuddle buddies for bedtime, and safe playmates for the dog-averse.

Also, some, like the robotic versions are capable of providing entertainment. Still, you need to take a few precautions to ensure you get the best toy dog for the family.

So, use the buying guide wisely and choose the overall best from the list.