7 Best Metal Tricycle For Toddlers 2022

The best metal tricycle for toddlers should feature a high-quality steel build, sturdy and anti-slip wheels, plus a 100% safe tricycling experience, thus providing interactive and safe gameplay. Also, a good metal tricycle should show excellent weight distribution with a lower center of gravity that improves balance and smooth steering.Best Metal Tricycle For Toddlers

The trike’s seat’s design should ensure adjustability to accommodate short and tall toddlers or cater to the growing child. Also, tricycles with smooth spins and drifts offer fun and reduce boredom during rides.

Let’s dive right in…

Reviews for the best metal tricycle for toddlers

1. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids Review 


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Age Limit: 2 to 4 years old

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is the overall best metal tricycle for toddlers. Schwinn trike features high-quality steel, which provides excellent riding sturdiness and high overall tricycle stability. Also, the heavy-duty alloy steel perfectly bonds to other parts to reduce risks of disassembly even when riding on rugged terrain.

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The trike’s seat can be locked into either of the 5 positions forward and backward, making it ideal for growing legs. Whether you want your toddler to use the tricycle for a long time or have toddlers of different heights, this trike adjusts to fit the specific height needs of your baby.

Also, the trike’s seat perfectly secures on the steel frame to create a 100% safe sitting zone to avoid dislodging, which can cause loss of steering control and cycling injury.

The metallic chrome fenders significantly reduce the risk of touching the tire while riding. This way, even when one of the hands is not cycling, it only rests on the safety of the metallic fenders without interfering with the moving trike.

The metallic handlebars are incredibly durable and offer exceptional aesthetic quality. The reflective chrome appearance is exciting and stimulates the cycling spirit. 

Also, the interactive tassels installed on the handlebars increase the engagement of cycling play and heighten the fun of cycling. While other trikes have no interactive features on the sidebar, this tricycle improves interactiveness, increasing cycling time and reducing boredom.

The heavy-duty frame binds well with the natural wood deck to ensure a durable and well-fitting cargo deck to increase the fun and activity of the toy. Your child can thus carry low-weight cargo and have fun without the risk of braking, scratching, or disassembling the deck.

The weight of the entire steel; build is well distributed with a low center of gravity. The trike is easy to ride for many toddlers by perfecting weight distribution, ensuring 100% safety even during fast rides, uneven terrains, and quick steering.


✅ Its metallic handlebars have interactive tassels.

✅ It has a heavy-duty sturdy steel build.

✅ It has 5 adjustable seat positions backward and forwards.

✅ It has metallic fenders to avoid touching tires.

✅ Its steel connects to a natural wood deck for carrying play items.

✅ Its steel build has excellent weight distribution with a low center of gravity.


X It lacks upward and downward seat adjustability for optimal versatility.

2. Tricam GCK-31 Kids Tractor Tricycle with Adjustable Seat Review


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Rubber Tires
  • Age Limit: Age 2-5 years 
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 49 pounds

Tricam Tractor tricycle is the best metallic trike for toddlers for rugged terrain.

Tricam Tractor trike features a strong steel build thus can withstand rough plays on rocky yards and uneven pavements.

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The steel featured here is powder-coated steel which provides a long-lasting aesthetic value. Due to the adhesion and superiority of powder coatings, this steel shows excellent resistance to surface scratches, color fading, and peeling off. This way, you end up with a trike that looks new for a long time.

The heavy-duty frame shaped like the tractor bonnet gives the tricycle a sturdy stance to ensure accurate weight distribution and a heavy-duty appearance. This way, your toddler has an easy experience steering through curvilinear paths and rocky grounds.

The unique advantage here contributing to fitness to rough terrain is the pneumatic rubber off-roading wheels.

The rubber build provides elastic riding experience, firm grip, and traction while giving ultimate resistance to temperature changes. This way, your toddler can ride in potholes, rough grounds, and during winter or summer and still achieve an enjoyable tricycle experience.

The adjustable height offers 3 convenient stages at which parents can lock the seat to accommodate growing toddlers or babies of different heights. This trike gives value for money by remaining ideal for long or for more than one toddler.


✅ It has a solid and sturdy steel build.

✅ The strong, heavy-duty metallic front piece ensures stability during steering.

✅ Pneumatic rubber tires for offroad tricycling.

✅ It has an adjustable seat for tall and short toddlers.

✅ It has a circular steering wheel for responsive steering and additional stability.


X The includes stickers that lack cancer-free compliance from the State of California.

3. TOMY John Deere Heavy Duty Kids Steel Tricycle Review


  • Weight Limit: 37 pounds
  • Age Limit: 2 years and up
  • Material: Steel

TOMY John Deere is the best foldable metallic tricycle for toddlers. This trike is a sturdy tricycle made of heavy-duty steel and with an exceptional stance ready to roll over debris without toppling. Whether your child is trickling in the house or outdoors in the yard, this trike overcomes uneven ground by maintaining cycling comfort.

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TOMY John Deere features premium-built tires that possess heavy treads and are dirt chewing. Therefore, the grip is excellent with anti-slip features for wet weather and depressions in the yard.

TOMY John Deere shows exceptional aesthetic quality with tints resembling John Deere equipment, thus providing a perfect blend for other equipment, yard environment, and farming inspiration.

The tricycle provides controlled steering to ensure your child learns balancing skills, navigation, and hand-eye coordination. This way, your toddlers quicken the learning curve of achieving development skills and achieving educational milestones.

The unique advantage here is the foldability of the tricycle. A foldable tricycle significantly reduces storage and transport spaces, thus increasing portability.

This trike features an adjustable seat to cater to your growing toddler or accommodate more family members.

The rear hauling basket plays a significant role in improving tricycling engagement by inserting gaming accessories. This way, children can play pick and deliver games which increases fun and reduces boredom.


✅ It has an adjustable seat.

✅ It has a solid steel build.

✅ The tires are sturdy and provide excellent traction and anti-slip features.

✅ It has controlled steering for easy navigation.

✅ It is a foldable tricycle.

✅ It has an interactive hauling basket.


X It has plastic tires, which are less durable than rubber tires.

4. Winther School Bus Tricycle for Two Review


  • Weight Limit: 160 pounds
  • Age Limit: 4 years and up
  • Material: Steel

Winther School Bus Tricycle is the best metallic trike for 2 toddlers. The option to your child for picking up a friend makes this toy the best fit for two toddlers.

The cargo area features a heavy-duty handrail-wrapped metal build to safely secure the toddler passenger during sharp steering and fast tricycling. This way, both the cyclist and the passenger or cargo are safe.

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This cargo area and the option of children interchanging roles make this trike the most interactive and highly engaging. Children can have fun with the trike together with friends, which improves adequate cycling time and playtime quality.

The yellow color of the tricycle resonates with school themes making this trike as realistic when playing school bus pick and drop games. This way, the trike remains relevant to their lives and increases the frequency of use.

In the end, Winther School Bus Tricycle excellently facilitates your toddler to acquire social and motor skills.

Besides, the trike shows exceptional durability through its strong powder coating plus the phosphated surface. While other trikes are painted ordinarily, this trike provides maximum resistance to fading, peeling, and dents with exposure to the sun or fast cycling.


✅ It has a cargo area to encourage tricycling for 2 kids.

✅ It improves gameplay time and reduces monotony and boredom.

✅ Its yellow color resonates with school bus themes.

✅ It is perfect for the development of social and motor skills.

✅ The phosphated and powder-coated steel build provides exceptional durability.


X It lacks an adjustable seat.

5. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle, 12 Volt Review


  • Weight Limit: 120 pounds
  • Age Limit: 8 years and up
  • Material: Steel
  • Battery: 1, 12V battery required. (included)

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is the best metallic electric tricycle for toddlers. This electric trike shows exceptional energy efficiency, conforming to the theme of green energy.

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The steel build offers exceptional stability of the trike to hold the battery and the weight of your toddler such that the rider is 100% safe and free from the risk of injuries.

This trike is easy to use and only requires the push of a button to throttle, which is ideal for young and old toddlers. Also, the trike can reach up to 9 mph speeds which are perfect and fun for steering. Your toddler can use the tricycle continuously for 30 minutes with a single charge. This way, your child gets the most of each charge by experiencing a considerably long tricycling session.

Razor Power trike provides exceptional navigation. The pneumatic front wheel, hand-operated braking system, and responsive handlebar make tricycling easy and balanced for your toddler.

In the end, your toddler can quickly achieve full 360-degree spins, slide, or even drift to achieve comprehensive tricycling gameplay full of fun.


✅ It is an energy-efficient tricycle.

✅ It is easy to throttle with just the push of a button

✅ It has a pneumatic front wheel for easy and swift navigation.

✅ Its dual inclined casters make drifting easy.

✅ It shows excellent navigation through 360-degree spins and balance.


X Not ideal for steep and uneven surfaces or offroading.

6. besrey Tricycle 4 in 1 Toddler Tricycle with Parent Handle Review


  • Specifications
  • Weight Limit: 55 pounds
  • Age Limit: 1 – 6 years
  • Material: Steel

besrey Tricycle is the best metallic tricycle for toddlers with a push handle. 

This tricycle has a 3 point safety harness that provides safety cycling experience and perfectly fits a growing baby or several toddlers in the home. 

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The most significant feature here is the push handle that provides reassurance to parents, especially for learning toddler tricyclists or on uneven terrain. The push handle is also height-adjustable and ensures convenience while steering the tricycle either outdoors or indoors.

The metal build is stable and sturdily holds the canopy, push handle, and safety belts to give your toddler a strong structure tricycle. 

The detachable armrest offers excellent comfort for kids to avoid fatigue and muscle pain when being walked around the house or in the yard. Also, the 2 rear brakes allow easy and convenient halts to prevent hazards and steer in the right direction during tricycling.

This trike is multipurpose and excellently fits into 4 tricycling scenarios:

  1. Toddlers who are yet to walk: Parents can lower the footrest, include the safety belt, and employ the complete assembly of the trike. This way, your toddler feels free and is within the confines of the 100% safe seat belt.
  2. Toddlers who can reach the pedals: Parents can fold the footrest to allow kids to access the pedals and ride. This way, motor skills and hand-eye coordination are enhanced, facilitating the quick achievement of development skills.
  3. Toddler who can sit up: Parents can detach the canopy. This way, children gain self-balancing skills and learn advanced tricycling techniques of keeping on track.
  4. Rider toddlers: Parents can still have the push handle installed for reassurance, especially for depressions, uneven ground, and slide surfaces.

Apart from a strong steel build, besrey Tricycle features high-quality 600D Oxford ABS build, which is sturdy enough to resist wear and tears, prolonging the life of the tricycle.

Also, the trike is both ASTM F963 and EN71 approved, heightening its compliance to safety and durability standards to create a credible trike for kids with no compromise on quality.


✅ It has 4 in 1 functionality.

✅ It has an adjustable push handle for parental reassurance.

✅ It has a sturdy metallic, and ABS build.

✅ It is both ASTM F963 and EN71 approved.

✅ It has a 3 point safety harness.


X Its push handle fidgets alot and causes inaccurate steering.

7. Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike Review


  • Weight Limit: 160 pounds
  • Age Limit: 5 years and up
  • Material: Steel

Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike is the best-rated metallic tricycle for toddlers. Its hind wheels are perfectly inclined and high-quality urethane casters. This way, the trike can make 360-degree spins and safe drifts.

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In addition to drifting and spinning fun, Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike makes these maneuvers resistant free which is friendly to the indoor floor surfaces. Therefore, your child can achieve fun maneuvers without ripping, denting, or scratching floors.

Razor RipRider 360 Caster has MX-style handlebars with anti-slip rubber grips for excellent steering in uneven ground and curvilinear paths.

The tricycle features a heavy-duty steel frame with a double crown fork design to provide a stable and study tricycling stance. This way, children can achieve faster speeds without the loss of balance.


✅ It spins and drifts quickly due to the high-quality urethane casters and inclined rear wheels.

✅ Its spinning and drifting are resistant-free.

✅ It has anti-slip rubber grips.

✅ It features a sturdy steel build.


X Plastic components scratch easily, including the tires.

My Final Thoughts

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids and Tricam GCK-31 ids Tractor Tricycle are the overall best metal tricycles for toddlers. These trikes feature high-quality steel builds to promote stability, plus durable tires for offroad cycling and uneven suffices. Also, these trikes offer excellent interactiveness to ensure your child achieves fun cycling sessions without boredom or monotony. Picking the best metal tricycle for toddlers requires that you consider metal build sturdiness, excellent tire structure for traction, adjustable seat for comfort, and smooth steering even in curvilinear paths or fast cycling.