How Much Do Baby Toys Cost in 2022 – Research Results

How much do baby toys cost? How much do I expect to spend on toddler toys?

As parents, we wish to spend for our child’s play but at the same time save at the toy shop. It is therefore crucial that we have an idea of what we are likely to spend whether monthly, yearly, per toy brand, per toy type or even per kid’s age limit.

How Much Do Baby Toys Cost

This article analyzes data from the most common online marketplace for toys giving you research feedback that you can integrate into your kid’s budget to save on costs while printing a realistic picture of what to expect. 

1. How much do toys cost for a baby by age limit


Age Limit Range Maximum Minimum
Birth to 24 Months $3,200 $0
2 to 4 Years $3,818 $0
5 to 7 Years $1,941 $0
8 to 13 Years $2,016 $0
14 Years & Up $909 $0

Toys with an age limit of between 2 – 4 years have the most expensive toy at $3,818 followed secondly by toys with an age limit of between Birth to 24 Months.

The majority of the age limits have toys starting from below $5 with the majority of age limits starting from less than $1.00. 

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2. How much are baby toys by toys interest


Toy Interest Maximum Minimum
Fantasy & Sci-Fi $5,981 $0
Animals & Nature $3,818 $0
Transportation $3,200 $0
Sports $3,040 $0
Learning $1,539 $1
Fashion $1,424 $0
Anime & Manga $1,069 $0
Occupations $883 $0
Music $502 $0
TV & Movies $480 $8
Video Games $257 $4
Comics $200 $8

Fantasy & Sci-Fi has the most expensive toy at $5,981 which is 36% higher than the second most expensive toy from Animals & Nature at $3,818.

Transportation has the third most expensive toy at $3,200 which is 5% higher than the fourth most expensive toy from Sports.

Video Games and Comics are the cheapest toys with Comics being 22% cheaper than Video Games to be the cheapest toy interest category.

 3. Price of baby toys by brand


Brand Maximum Minimum Average
VTech $99 $13 $29
Fisher-Price $174 $4 $55
Baby Einstein $79 $5 $29
hahaland $60 $9 $21
Sassy $25 $5 $13
Nuby $23 $4 $9
Splashin’kids $40 $11 $19
LeapFrog $159 $3 $52
OWNONE 1 $28 $12 $19
Simple Joys by Carter’s $19 $19 $19
Mini Tudou $56 $12 $16
HOMOFY $37 $7 $19
Fajiabao $44 $9 $23
Playskool $110 $10 $25
Skip Hop $61 $5 $19
teytoy $26 $6 $16
GUND $149 $3 $40
Joyjoz $44 $7 $20
ALASOU $27 $11 $18
Rabing $38 $24 $26
Leipal $18 $11 $14
YOYOSTORE $12 $9 $10
iPlay, iLearn $76 $12 $30
WITALENT $47 $15 $23
BLUE GINKGO $32 $1 $24
SKYFIELD $29 $11 $15
Wilbest $29 $19 $24
LITTLESMET $17 $17 $17
Manhattan Toy $321 $3 $519
Jomyfant $26 $12 $15
Dahuniu $29 $29 $29
GOODWAY $24 $7 $16
CubicFun $45 $14 $22
YMDLY Toys $19 $19 $19
TILLYOU $17 $7 $13
Mombella $13 $7 $6
Gloveleya $42 $9 $18
TOMY $167 $8 $31
LiKee $26 $4 $11
Green Toys $89 $6 $35

Manhattan Toy has the most highly-priced toy at $327 and 87% higher than Number 2’s Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price has the second most highly-priced toy at $174 and TOMY has the third most highly-priced toy at $167.

Manhattan Toy has the lowest price toy at $3. Other brands with products starting at $3 include LeapFrog and GUND. Fisher-Price, LiKee, and Nuby come in next with products starting at $4 to be the second-lowest priced toy brands.

Manhattan Toy has the widest price range of toys followed by Fisher-Price and at position three is TOMY. A wide price range is ideal to provide parents with many choices within which they can choose a specific product for their needs.

Fisher-Price is the toy brand with the most expensive baby toys with an average product price of $55. LeapFrog is the second most expensive baby toy brand with an average product price of $52. 

Manhattan Toy is the third most expensive baby toy brand with an average product price of $51

The average price of toys per brand is $23. The average maximum price per toy per brand is $59 whereas the average minimum price per toy per brand is $10.

There is a 50% equal distribution between toys over $20 and those under $20. This gives a decent range of toys to choose from regardless of your budget.

4. How much do baby toys cost per month

The following data is for 3 families in the rural parts of Texas each with only a single kid with ages between birth and 4 years.

The costs of toys included here do not take into account shipping costs since the toys are purchased by the family as part of other home supplies. All the toys were purchased online.

January             $19

February            $19

March                $38

April                   $66

May                    $38

June                   $38

July                     $38

August                $38

September          $38

October              $47

November          $57

December          $76

Therefore, the average cost of baby toys per month is $43. January and February are the months with the lowest expenditure on toys at $19.

As the festive season approaches, there is a significant rise in the expenditure on toys. From September $38 to October $47 is a 25% increase. From October $47 to November $57 is a 21% increase. From November $57 to December $76 is a 33% increase.

5. How much do baby toys cost per year

For you to accurately estimate how much are baby toys per year, you have to have a benchmark on the monthly costs of toys per month.

Going by the previous data above, the total cost of baby toys per year is $510.

This can be calculated by adding all the monthly costs from January to December or Multiplying the average monthly costs by 12 as shown below

Yearly baby toys costs = $19 + $19 + $38 +$ 66 + $38 + $38 + $38 + $38 + $38 + $47 + $57 + $76 = $510


$43 per Month x 12 Months = $510

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Factors Affecting How Much Baby Toys Cost

1. Brand

Each brand prices its baby toys differently based on numerous individual production factors and this brings about different maximum, minimum and average costs.

This also means that each brand will have a unique price range from where it positions itself in the market.

2. Age Limit

Each age limit will have a different price depending on the demand for such products, the availability, and the production costs including additional safety measures for toys meant for lower age limits.

3. Toy Type

Toy types influence the cost of toys due to the complexity involved, the demand of the toys, and the duration with which the kid can stay with the toy type.

For example,  if a kid can only effectively use the toy type for just a few weeks and then move on to the next stage, the toy is likely to cost less than other toys that can remain relevant for a whole year.

4. Time of the Year

Toys are often cheapest in April and as we approach the festive season when merchants offer great discounts and deals which see a surge in purchase volumes.

Therefore, toy prices are likely to change throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are baby Yoda toys?

Baby Yoda Toys range from $2 to $480 on Amazon. The average price for Yoda toys on Amazon is $52. Some of the brands offering baby Yoda toys include  STAR WARS,  Disney, eKids, Máttel, and Accutime Watch.


Finally, we have learned how pricing can be different across brand, toy interest, time of the year, and age limit. Also, for specific toys like Yoda toys we have learned their price range and at what price they average.

This research article was therefore an eye-opener that paints a clear picture into the factors affecting price range and the categorization per price of different toys.